[Sunset] We’re removing LinkedIn Ads from the Ads Add-On

On 7/31 we are removing the LinkedIn Ads integration from HubSpot. This will only affect the Ads Add-On. LinkedIn support through the Social Tools and our new LinkedIn Sales Navigator CRM integration will be unaffected.

When will support end?  

July 31, 2017 
Be aware, any LinkedIn campaigns originally created in HubSpot will continue to run in LinkedIn Ads. If you want to check whether you have live campaigns or need to manage your ads after 7/31, go to LinkedIn.com/Ads to access the native LinkedIn Ads manager.

Why are we removing LinkedIn Ads from the Ads Add-On?
HubSpot is dedicated to producing a remarkable experience for our customers. From time to time this means removing functionality, refocusing specific use cases, and then coming back to that functionality in the future. In this case, we're focused on taking meaningful steps forward with HubSpot Ads and need to reduce the scope of our efforts before taking that step forward.

LinkedIn is a great partner for HubSpot and we're excited to continue to work with them to bring remarkable value to B2B marketers. We plan to explore new LinkedIn Ads and HubSpot integrations in the future.

How will this change the Ads Add-On?
If you only use the Ads Add-On for Facebook and/or AdWords, this change will not impact how you use the tool. However if you use LinkedIn inside the tool now is the time to start moving back to the native LinkedIn Ads manager to manage your ads. You can find all the ad campaigns you’ve built in HubSpot in LinkedIn at LinkedIn.com/Ads. If you still want to track your LinkedIn Ad campaigns in HubSpot use tracking URLs and you’ll get similar results, but through a more manual process. How to create tracking URLs.

Need help?
If you want help or have feedback please reach out to your CSM. We’d love to better understand how you use LinkedIn Ads and what you’re looking for in an integration.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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