Sunsetting Indexed Pages Metric within the Competitors Report

If your inbound marketing is working, the Indexed Pages metric within the Competitors Report may be one way you are judging success. But the number of Indexed Pages alone does not determine success for inbound marketers, it's about the quality of those pages and the people coming to them - not just the quantity.

Instead of comparing your company to competitors using the Indexed Pages metric you can utilize some of the other metrics available within the Competitors Report to give you an understanding of how they are performing. For example, one metric is Linking Domains which tracks the number of inbound links to that domain.

As a result of some inconsistencies in the number of indexed pages along with recent search engine changes we are removing the Indexed Pages metric from the Competitors Report on July 26. 

Update 7/26: Indexed pages has now been removed from the HubSpot Marketing Platform. To find information on indexed pages, please see below.

Where can I continue to get information on Indexed Pages?
To find information about indexed pages on your site, or your competitors after July 26th, you can perform a site search on many search engines, like Google and see how many pages they have indexed for a particular domain. To perform a site search:

  1. Go to Google and type "" (without the quotations). Below is an example of this search on Google for 


Note: if you use or in your search you may see different results. This is just one example of the inconsistency of indexed pages, and is another reason we are removing it.

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