An Easier Way to Unbounce Contacts in HubSpot

Emails can “hard bounce” (be rejected by the recipient's email server) for a variety of reasons. The email address or domain may be invalid, it might perceive the message to be untrustworthy, or a temporary issue might be preventing the email from being delivered.
Like most email marketing providers, when you send to an email address that results in a hard bounce, we automatically stop sending to that email address in the future. This helps us protect your reputation as an email sender, and your ability to successfully deliver messages in the future.
In some cases though, you might know that a message to a legitimate email address hard bounced, and you might want to try that address again. In the past, we had to take care of this forward. Moving forward, you can do it yourself!

Say Hello to the Unbounce Button

A new button on the contact record puts the power to unbounce contacts that have previously hard bounced in your hands.
When you click “Unbounce”, you'll be shown some additional details on what you are about to do, and you'll be asked to confirm that the email address is correct.
Once you've "unbounced" a contact, they will again be eligible to receive emails you send from your HubSpot portal.

Now Available

The unbounce button is now available to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. You can find it on the contact record of any contact who has bounced.

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