[HubSpot Video] How-to-use HubSpot Video in Sales

What is it?
HubSpot Video is a series of new video features woven throughout the HubSpot platform. This video dives deep into the new video features in Sales Hub. 

FINAL HubSpot Video into and SALES demo

HubSpot Video is available exclusively in pro and enterprise versions of the Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs. So only sales pro users and above will have access to these new features. 

Video in Sales Hub
With HubSpot Video sales teams have a simple way to create 1-to-1 and share videos inside of HubSpot. These videos can feature their screen, quickly be sent to prospects via email, and are tracked through the CRM. Personalized videos like these can really help users salespeople cut through the noise and connect with prospects.

video in sales

HubSpot and Vidyard
The new video features in Sales Hub are powered in part by Vidyard, a long time HubSpot integration. Users need to activate the tools and Vidyard before they can use them. In Sales Hub this means installing Vidyard's govideo browser plugin. 

Introducing HubSpot Video for Product Page-1

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