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     Content Marketplace FAQs

    What is a content marketplace?

    A content marketplace is an online platform that connects businesses that need content articles to writers who can fulfill those needs. The marketplace makes it easy for you to commission and purchase blog articles, e-books, white papers, and other content from thousands of writers, who are screened and rated for quality.

    Why do I need a content marketplace?

    Consistent content creation is the most important aspect of inbound marketing. In order to be a successful inbound marketer and create a website that reels in prospective customers, its critical to create content steadily and often. This helps to establish your websites search engine credibility, and the more you develop that, the more individuals will visit your website, which gives yet more credibility. Its a virtuous circle.

    But lets face it, fresh content creation is hard.  It takes time and resources.  And thats where the content marketplace can help.  It lets you buy content you want, at a price you name.  It serves your needs as they arise, and the more you use it, the better your experience will be. Because once youve found a writer that you trust you even have the opportunity to send long term requests for their content.

    How much do articles cost?

    Like in other marketplaces, you indicate how much money you would like to pay for your article, and a writer will respond to your offer.  The total price per article depends on the cents-per-word rate you request, and the length of the article.  Rates vary from 1 per word to 20 per word.

    We recommend you begin by offering $15 or $20 per 500 written words (3 to 4 per word). However, no payment transaction is made until you have received content that youre satisfied with. Moreover, you can request revisions from your writer.  We recommend that you consider the content you purchase as a late-stage draft, on which you put the final touches unique to your company or blog, before publishing.

    If I put $100 into Zerys and don't like the system can I get my money back?

    Yes you can.  Under the My Funds tab select Withdraw Funds and you can have them transferred back to the original payment source (credit card or Paypal).

    How do I know if the writer is any good?

    The writers are screened by an editor and rated on a five star scale when they join the marketplace.  Then, on an ongoing basis, they are rated by businesses who commission new content.  The rating you see is blend of an editors periodic rating, and businesses ongoing ratings. 

    We recommend choosing authors with 4 or 5 stars to begin with. The only way to really gain insight into which writers style fits you best is by purchasing articles from a variety of writers.

    Can I choose the writer I want to work with?

    Yes.  For your first few purchases we recommend posting titles to the Job Board using SmartPost. This will help you find an author you really like.  Once thats done you can send requests to them through the favorite writers list provided in the marketplace.

    How can I be sure the writer will choose the right tone?

    The marketplace gives you a set of choices you can make about tone and style.  We recommend choosing either conversational or news/research/reporting.  We also encourage you to describe your target audience for this post.  For instance audience of tech company CEOs or single moms in the Midwest.

    Another step you can take to improve the article is to write a grabbing, descriptive title, and including it in the assignment. The title of the article is the first thing your readers will see when they go to your blog so you want it to command attention. You might want to think of the title as the framework youre setting for the whole article, including the tone.  Zerys provides a title suggestion tool which can be helpful here.

    Will the writer be familiar with my company/business?

    Not necessarily.  A talented author can successfully write on any topic. Its more important to give specific instructions (like the articles intended audience) than to try to find experts within your field of business. In many cases, your audience wont have an expert insight into your business yet either, so its often more effective to have a talented writer explain the concepts in a simplified way.

    How do I know the content I am given isnt plagiarized?

    Every piece of content created is then put through an anti-plagiarism system called Copyscape (www.copyscape.com). This ensures that the content you receive is unique and doesnt exist anywhere else on the internet. Both you and the writers have access to this system and it is their best interest, as well as yours, not to provide duplicate content. 

    Can I communicate directly with writers?

    You can only communicate with writers through the content marketplace.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is a private message board for private conversations.  The second is a page-specific message board on the right side of any individual page of content, which is ideal for review or editing notes.