Serverless Functions

Easily build web applications that automatically respond to user inputs, all without the pain of managing servers.

CMS Hub Serverless Functions
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Focus on the customer experience, not the servers that support your code.

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Unlock the possibilities of running complex server-side functions, without managing the necessary servers.

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    Stop worrying about the infrastructure that supports your apps.

    As your business grows, the need to create powerful and memorable  experiences for your customers and visitors grows. Serverless functions enable you to write server-side logic to support building highly personalized and intelligent components of your website. 

    Set up a custom domain and dynamically render personalized content, fetch data from third-party APIs, send data based on user input to HubSpot or third-party APIs -- anything is possible on your website with the power of serverless functions.

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    Tie your tools together with ease.

    You use a number of tools to run your business. Everything, from payment apps to user authentication and more, are used to offer your customers the personalized experience they’ve come to expect. Stitching these tools together shouldn’t hinder your customer experience.

    With serverless functions in CMS Hub, you can seamlessly tie together every third-party tool used on your website to ensure your customers are able to use your site as expected. 

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    A system that scales with you.

    Buying and managing servers isn’t always the most sensible choice -- especially if the activity and traffic on your site fluctuates. Managing the capacity of your systems is difficult, and ultimately prevents you from focusing on the customer experience. Now, you can build your website with a focus on your business, and HubSpot will automate all of your website’s security and function needs.

    Serverless functions in CMS Hub removes the stress that scaling your systems can cause. With servers removed from the equation, you only have to worry about writing your code. Stop worrying about how fluctuations in traffic or site activity might affect your website’s performance. We’ll handle that for you.

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