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    "The HubSpot marketing tools at your disposal are very powerful and custom integrated into your online store. Equally important is the education on how to use the SEO tools, and the support system has proven to be beyond my expectations. Traffic to my store has tripled in 3 1/2 months, and I expect it to triple again in 3 months. I recommend HubSpot's ecommerce integration for anyone who prefers to be involved and make an effort in their marketing."

    - Allen Wyatt, Andy Thornal Company

    HubSpot's inbound marketing software allows you to connect with your existing shopping cart software to drive more traffic to your online store, grow your email list, and carefully measure your success. HubSpot can integrate with most any cart software and has a number of simple integrations available today depending on your platform.

    Best-in-class ecommerce sites know how to use inbound marketing techniques to grow their reach and effectively turn interested site visitors into sales over time. They also closely track all behavior on their site that results in email list growth or new customers, ensuring they can do more of what works to create a finely tuned ecommerce machine.

    Do you know exactly what is generating your online sales? With HubSpot's ecommerce inbound marketing solution, you can track your site engagement and new customers in HubSpot, enabling you to obtain accurate reporting and learn the true ROI of your marketing activities. HubSpot also provides tools to grow your email list outside the restrictions of your cart software and encourage more site visits, engagement, and purchases from your new fans.

    The result? More online sales!

    How the HubSpot Ecommerce Integration Works For You

    • HubSpots API* enables you to integrate your shopping cart software with the HubSpot software
    • Net new email addresses you capture are tracked, counted, and segmented by HubSpot as "leads"
    • When leads purchase through your cart, they are converted into customers by HubSpot's advanced marketing database

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    Talk to your Inbound Marketing Specialist to learn more about how HubSpot's ecommerce inbound marketing system is helping HubSpot customers generate more online sales.

    Check out a listing of HubSpot Partners who are qualified to integrate HubSpot with ecommerce solutions.

    Want to learn more about how inbound marketing can help grow your ecommerce business? Explore the educational resources in HubSpot's Ecommerce Marketing Hub and be sure to download your copy of the Ecommerce Inbound Marketing Ebook!

    *HubSpots API (Application Programming Interface) is available to HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers.