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Facebook Ads Beta

Be the first to get your hands on our powerful integration with Facebook Ads.

Inbound Amplified - Facebook Ads

We’re excited to introduce Facebook to HubSpot Ads.
The easiest way to build, measure and optimize your paid media.

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    The Power of Facebook Ads

    Facebook has established themselves as a leader in ad technology, even for B2B. Their ad units such as Lead Ads, make it easy to drive signups, downloads, registrations and more. Their targeting technology can help you reach exactly the right users to amplify your inbound campaigns.

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    Your Facebook Ads in HubSpot

    HubSpot Ads reveals complete, exact and automatic ads ROI reporting for Facebook through a powerful integration. This data provides you a view of your entire ads funnel, along with the names and faces of the people who converted on your ads. The beta currently supports reporting and automatic ROI. We’re working on integrating Lead Ads in the coming weeks.

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    Optimize Across Networks

    This rounds out our integrations with the top ads networks, Facebook will join LinkedIn and AdWords in HubSpot. Having all three gives you the power to quickly test and assess different options. Giving you the data to know which ads work the best for your business and inbound campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Facebook Ads are included for all customers who have the Ads Add-On. The Ads Add-On is a monthly $100 fee. 

  •  Yes, you can start a free trial of the Ads Add-On by clicking on this link. 

  • We expect to launch Facebook out of beta sometime in early 2017.
  • Find our more about HubSpot ads at HubSpot.com/Products/Ads

Facebook Ads will be available in early 2017.

Want to request early access? Fill out the form below and we'll consider you for the limited beta.