How are HubSpot and Eloqua different?

Eloqua and HubSpot are very different. Here's a summary of their differences.



Ranked #1 by marketers


Ranked #5 by marketers



Blogging, SEO, social media built-in, making it easier to get found online.


Manual integrations required for key marketing channels like blogging and social media.



Marketing data in one place giving you powerful analytics like campaign reporting and marketing ROI tracking.


Multiple tools required making it much harder to measure effectiveness.

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HubSpot: the all-in-one marketing platform that helps you both generate and nurture more qualified leads.


Customers reach 6 times more leads after implementing HubSpot.


HubSpot gives marketers top-of-the-funnel tools to generate high quality, new leads. HubSpot offers a full marketing software platform that starts with tools to drive qualified visitors to your website including a Content Management System, blogging, SEO, and social tools. These pieces all work together towards filling your database with qualified leads to nurture with HubSpot’s middle-of-the-funnel tools. According to the 2014 HubSpot ROI study, the average customer reaches 6.12 times more leads wiithin one year after implementing HubSpot software.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua delivers a sophisticated email marketing automation tool, but the software fails to deliver on a solution for generating leads to nurture in the first place. Without the tools to generate a volume of net new leads, many Oracle Eloqua users resort to buying lists. Not only does this result in a database of uninterested, low quality leads, but lowers the the ROI of the marketing automation investment.

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Elevate your email automation with a multi-channel personalization strategy.


HubSpot gives marketers multi-channel marketing automation tools to nurture the new leads generated by the top-of-the-funnel tools. HubSpot provides a strong ROI for a marketing automation investment by giving you personalized lead nurturing capabilities that extend across all channels and leverage the large volume of leads being fed into the middle-of-the-funnel. That means your leads will see messages most relevant to their challenges not only in email, but on your website, your blog, and on social media.

HubSpot’s marketing automation tools are different than most because they don’t rely on leads taking a specific action over email; instead, they allow you to target leads through the channels they prefer the most. And once they take action through those other channels, HubSpot will allow you to qualify them based on things like the type of content they’ve read on your site or how they interact with you on social media.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation tools are focused on the email channel. Oracle Eloqua users are able to set up workflows and drip campaigns that qualify leads based on whether or not they complete an action such as opening an email, or clicking a link through an email. This logic is successful if a lead interacts by exactly following the set email path. However, what if your lead does a google search instead of opening your email and consumes the same content. Shouldn’t you still consider them qualified? Though Oracle Eloqua’s email tools are feature-rich, they are limited by the sheer fact that they are focused on email alone.

If you believe in an inbound, multi-channel approach to lead generation and nurturing, you won't find everything you need in Oracle Eloqua. Oracle Eloqua lacks behavioral tracking data from your blog, social media networks, and other digital touchpoints, which limits your ability to easily execute on and analyze multi-channel marketing campaigns beyond email.

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Bring your operations into one unified view with a natively integrated platform.


HubSpot was built for both marketers and sales reps alike, providing both with a unified view of every digital touch point a prospect has had. It brings all of your analytics into one place to give clear insights into what's working and what's not, without the headache of cobbling data together reports from multiple software tools.

Oracle Eloqua

A platform that allows integrations can be very beneficial, allowing marketers to choose best-of-breed tools. However, there is always the draw-back that marketers will not be working with an integrated platform that has been build from the ground up to work seamlessly as one. While the Oracle Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud does offer many different tools, they were all acquired and are not all fully integrated. With Oracle Eloqua, marketers will need to purchase, manage, and integrate additional tools for their top of the funnel activities and will need to do manual work for comprehensive analytics and reports.

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A Former Oracle Eloqua Customer's Story on switching to HubSpot


"What makes HubSpot so appealing is its all-in-oneness. The fewer tools that I have to use, the better off I am. It's easier to get people trained. I'm less likely to have to jerry rig things together to make them happen."
Michael Freeman
Sr. Manager of Search and Analytics
Former Eloqua User

Easy-to-use software built for growth—not bells and whistles.

See why customers who chose HubSpot for its ease-of-use don't miss extra features and complexity.


HubSpot was built to take the obstacles out of marketing, making it easy to use and widely accessible to marketers of every skill level. This is a promise many software providers will make, but is hard to back up. HubSpot has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction on G2Crowd. The customer reviews creating that honor discuss how easy and intuitive it is to use the software to execute on successful lead generation and marketing campaigns. HubSpot has made lead generation and marketing automation manageable for thousands of marketers by creating an easy to use multi-channel platform instead of building out every marketing automation feature possible.


Eloqua was built for advanced marketers, creating a steep learning curve. While Eloqua may provide more in-depth email marketing features, this comes with the cost of complexity. This makes the platform less flexible and inaccessible to less technical savvy marketers, which can negatively impact ROI.


Agile software development that benefits customers.


arketing is a fast-evolving industry. New technologies, platforms, and practices are introduced almost everyday. That's why it's imperative that your marketing platform is up-to-date. HubSpot goes a step further by helping marketers get ahead with the latest best-practices: the software is updated almost every day. These updates are small changes to minimize disruption, while enabling marketers to have the best tools instantly.


Historically, software updates for Eloqua have been provided once per year or longer. Most marketers report that the less frequent updates translate to time consuming “upgrades,” which for some impacted their ability to use the software temporarily.



The people have spoken: HubSpot is #1 in customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, marketers are buying software to make their lives easier. For a truly satisfying software choice, the tools they use must be both user-friendly and powerful enough to yield a high ROI. HubSpot has delighted five times as many customers as Pardot thanks to its easy-to-use tools, live and on-demand training, and cream-of-the-crop consulting and support.  But don’t just take our word for it....





"We have experience with each of the major marketing software solutions. Each system has certain elements that make it sexy and attractive. Our decision to choose HubSpot boiled down to their reporting capabilities -- at the end of the day, I needed to be able to easily see an overall picture of performance. HubSpot was the only system that offered this in an elegant way."
Brandon Steiger
President, Synergema

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