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  1. hubspot-sales-company-record

    Close the loop between marketing and sales.

    Track your entire marketing and sales funnel from first website visit to closed deal and beyond.

    With the HubSpot Growth Stack, your marketing and sales teams share contacts, customer data, dashboards, reports, and pipelines in one place.

    This makes you faster as a team and shows how marketing, sales, and each asset contributes to your bottom line.

  2. hubspot-task-assignments

    Make lead handoff flawless and fast.

    Hand off more qualified leads to sales without having to manually score them or contact sales yourself.

    When a lead is qualified based on criteria you set, an automated email with a link to the lead’s contact record is sent to the sales rep most likely to make the sale.

    Now marketers can focus on generating and nurturing leads, and sales can be sure that leads aren’t slipping through the cracks.

  3. hubspot-sales-templates

    Personalize your approach from first pitch to final sale.

    Get all of the context you need to make each pitch relevant, without spending hours searching for your angle.

    See every interaction a lead has had with your company at a glance. Lead scores, web page visits, content downloads, opened emails, and more – it’s all there in one place.

    You can then use this insight to close deals by using each follow-up to expand on the points they’ve shown interest in, and then fill in any gaps based on information they’ve missed.

Instantly Connect Your Favorite Apps to Build Out Your Growth Stack

HubSpot works seamlessly with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook and Office 365 for Windows, and your favorite business apps.

Bring inbound to every part of your business with the HubSpot Growth Stack.

HubSpot’s full stack of products align marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. They’re powerful alone, and even better when used together.

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