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Reach B2B “Smarketing” Excellence with Membrain & HubSpot

With HubSpot, marketers have accessed the specialized tools they need to succeed in the Internet age. Unfortunately, sales professionals and sales managers are often stuck working in too simple, or overly-complex, CRM systems.

Membrain offers an alternative. It is the award-winning Pipeline Management solution, built from the ground up to help medium-sized companies navigate and win Complex B2B Sales. Instead of focusing on contacts and activities, Membrain provides the tools you need to create an active pipeline, reinforce best practice sales behaviors and effectively coach your team every step of the way.

Sales & Marketing alignment is about much more than keeping data bases synchronized. It's about structured collaboration towards a common goal, using best-of-breed technology to achieve long-term sustainable “smarketing” excellence.

With the Membrain/HubSpot integration you will:

  • Mutually craft and visualize the definition of an MQL (marketing qualified lead)
  • Enable marketing to support sales throughout the customer's entire buy cycle
  • Allow sales to smoothly recycle selected prospects back to marketing for nurturing
  • Go beyond closed-loop reporting with Membrain’s win/loss and sales analytics

Membrain is the platform of choice for leading sales development and inbound marketing experts around the world. In short, what HubSpot is to inbound marketing - Membrain is to Complex B2B Sales.

Setting up this integration is easy. Just add your HubSpot portal ID to Membrain and follow the simple on-screen instructions to get started!

This integration is available to all HubSpot customers with a Membrain account. Don’t have a Membrain account yet? Click here to get started.

This integration is built by Membrain. For help or questions, contact Membrain at or see more documentation on the integration.

HubSpot Membrain Integration
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