HubSpot Sites

A content management system that enables marketers to build websites personalized for every visitor, and optimized for every device.

  • Sites Editor
  • Sites was built for everyone.
    Easy to use for non-technical marketers, but flexible enough to meet designers' needs too. Choose between an intuitive drag-and-drop template builder to create professional pages without code, or write your own custom HTML and CSS.

  • Personalization

    Your visitors aren't one-size-fits-all.
    Your website shouldn't be either. At the professional and enterprise levels, HubSpot enables you to personalize your content, forms and call-to-action buttons to the unique needs of each lead and customer.

  • Device View

    How does your site look on a phone?
    How about a tablet? How about the next generation of devices? HubSpot uses responsive design to adjust your website to look good on any device without extra work on your end. Plus, as you're creating content you can see a preview of how it will look on different screens.

Why HubSpot Sites is better.

How most websites work:

How HubSpot Sites work:

  • Additional coding needed for mobile optimization.

    Many CMS tools today require special templates or additional coding to optimize for mobile.

  • Mobile-optimized out of the box.

    Using built-in responsive design, HubSpot is ready for any device, from phone to tablet and beyond.

  • Stand-alone sites.

    Content management systems often stand alone, creating a static and fragmented experience for your visitors.

  • Integrated with every marketing channel.

    HubSpot is a complete inbound software platform. That means all of your tools are in one place, and your customers get a seamless experience from email to social to web.

  • Same static experience for everyone.

    79% of website visitors want a site that “makes it easy for me to find what I want.” And yet, most websites show the same thing to every person that visits.

  • Personalized to each viewer.

    At the professional and enterprise levels, HubSpot adds in Smart Content, forms and CTAs. Smart Content lets you personalize your pages for each lead and customer.

  • Time to load.

    Speed and performance of your website will vary depending on what content management system you use.

  • Faster than average.

    HubSpot’s content delivery network is secure and faster than other CMSes in the field.

Build beautiful websites without sacrificing control.

Send your IT team to lunch. HubSpot gives you control of your website, whether you know how to code or not.

  1. Create endless new page layouts with drag-and-drop template editor.

  2. Format your page with a simple toolbar.

  3. Add images or CTAs anywhere on your page in seconds.

  4. Just type and publish. Your pages are live in seconds.

Build beautiful sites

With responsive design, websites on HubSpot look good on phones, tablets or any other device.

Responsive designed websites

See how your current site looks on mobile with Marketing Grader.

Make your company's site more personal than ever. Prof. & Enterprise only

With the Content Optimization System (COS), your website takes into account the full history of visitor interactions, providing context for traffic and page views.

Personalized sites
Create different views for different personas.

Your company attracts people from a variety of industries, titles and experience levels. You tailor your emails to the different audiences. Why not your website, too? With HubSpot, your website pages can adapt to show targeted content, images, forms and CTAs for each audience.

Create different experiences for different stages of the buying process.

Shouldn’t your loyal customers see a different website than your first-time visitors? We think so. With HubSpot’s Content Optimization System, your website evolves as your customers do, helping you map the right content to the right person and the right time.

Make your company's site more personal than ever. Get a personalized demo.

Overall I’ve been impressed with HubSpot's ability to stay on top of marketing trends with its software. Moving away from mass reach and towards customized user experiences is a digital marketer's dream come true.
Kent Ecklor
Sr. Marketing Manager, ADP

See how your pages are performing, and learn
how to make them better.

HubSpot’s Analytics tools help you diagnose poorly performing pages and give you actionable data on how to fix them. Use them on their own or alongside Google Analytics.

Custom analytics.

Event reporting at the enterprise level helps you analyze which of your website pages are influencing your leads to take the next step, whether it's clicking a button or submitting a form.

Page performance.

Keep track of page views, ranking keywords, and number of inbound links for every single page on your site. Diagnose problem pages, and get clear instructions on how to improve them for SEO.

Conversion assists.

Identify which of your pages are most commonly viewed by prospects before they convert to a lead or customer. Spend more time optimizing these pages for conversion to get the best possible results.

HubSpot Site Pages optimize your workflow.

HubSpot’s COS Site Pages work with your other tools to improve your entire marketing strategy.

  • Social Media integration.

    Include a follow-me module or add social sharing buttons to any page.

  • CTA generator.

    Use HubSpot's built-in call-to-action generator to create CTA buttons for your site.

  • Easy editing.

    No HTML knowledge is required. Just type directly into your page and reorder your sections as you please.

The power of HubSpot is in the integration.

HubSpot’s Content Optimization System works with your other tools to improve your entire marketing strategy.

SEO Tools

Get instructions on writing effective meta descriptions and add keywords to each page.


Enroll your visitors into marketing automation workflows based on the pages they viewed to nurture them with related content.

Social Media

Toggle social sharing buttons on and off or add a follow-me module to any page.

Contacts Database

Keep track of the page your leads and customers viewed over time.

How HubSpot Sites fit into your inbound plan.

  • Attract: Quick load times, user-friendly content, and persona-oriented optimization can all positively influence how well your pages rank in organic search results.
  • Convert: Provide visitors a clear, simple path to obtaining the content that piques their interest with site architecture that provides a great user experience.
  • Close: Help your leads become customers quickly and easily by designing your pages with simple and helpful layouts that make it clear where to go next.
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