In order to qualify for a full checkmark in each of the categories listed in HubSpot's marketing software maxtrix, you must meet the following criteria:


Ability to track keywords, approximate rank, track leads and customers by keyword, crawl a website and make on-page SEO suggestions, analyze inbound and competitor links. 


Ability to track and analyze visits, leads and customers from paid search & manage bids.


Full blog offering, including out-of-the box blog post SEO optimization, SEO suggestions, social media auto publishing and social media sharing.

(Note that WordPress and Tumblr do not have SEO or social optimization pre-installed, but do offer paid and free plugins that can be installed by advanced users.)


Full content management system, allowing marketers to create professional, dynamic, updateable websites without knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript (although advanced users can make use of these coding languages).

Social Media

Ability to monitor, track, publish and schedule social media posts. Ability to track visits, leads and customers from various social outlets. Ability to easily integrate social media sharing with other marketing channels like website, blog and email.

Landing Pages

Ability to easily (without knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS) create advanced landing pages with forms that integrate with a marketing database or CRM. Ability to host those landing pages on your own domain or sub domain. Ability to A/B test different versions of a landing page. Landing page analytics that allowing users to track views, conversions and sources of traffic to their landing pages.

Marketing Database

Ability to collect or import leads and contacts into a central database, associate them with an online tracking cookie, and track their activity on your site. Ability to track the source of leads generated through your website. Ability to create a custom, dynamic lead score based on online activity. Ability to search and segment contacts inside your marketing database based on online activity. Ability to create static and dynamic lists. Ability to take action on those lists such as sending an email or enrolling leads into a lead nurturing campaign. Ability to connect with a CRM.

Email Marketing

Ability to send email campaigns and track email analytics.

Marketing Automation

Ability to send timed, drip campaigns, or behavior triggered email.

Marketing Analytics

Basic web analytics. Ability to associate visitors, leads and customers with specific traffic sources and marketing initiatives. Ability to do closed loop reporting in one system.

As well as the ability to track landing page conversion rates, email click through rates, blog post views comments and inbound links, SEO and paid search tracking and monitor social media conversations.


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