HubSpot Reliability, Security and Speed


In the last year HubSpot achieved 99.9999% uptime, one of the most consistent records of reliability in the field. More than 40,000 customers rely on us to keep their websites, landing pages and blogs up and attracting new business every day. That's why we have an entire team dedicated to monitoring and maintaining uptime whether you're a mid-sized business or a global enterprise, we've got your back.



HubSpot uses powerful security tools to defend our customers against any outside attacks (including DoS and DDoS attacks). We have a security team on alert 24 hours a day and Web Application Firewall (WAF) reporting from our CDN provider allows us to track the volume of potential attacks or probes into site vulnerabilities. The HubSpot security team has defended against numerous attacks, keeping customers websites active and performing optimally. 

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Built into your HubSpot account at no additional charge is a powerful Web Application Accelerator (WAA) by our CDN provider. The WAA can improve dynamic Web-based application response times by up to 5x. Whether you're across the street or the globe, you'll get the fastest load times possible.  


Customer Resources

As a customer, you can check on HubSpot's performance at HubSpot's Trust Page. Any disruption in service will be communicated through an update to that page, and a notification inside your account or on the account log-in screen. In the rare case of a major issue, details will also be communicated on the customer blog or our social accounts.  

With HubSpot, EVERY customer gets support from our in-house support team. To reach them, you can click the help button at the bottom of your screen and either call the number or request that they call you.


Frank Auger

"We made an important decision at HubSpot that all of the performance accelerators and security enhancements should be built in at no additional cost to the customer. This isn't true for all software companies. But whether you're a mid-sized firm or a global enterprise, reliability, security and speed are essential and should be available to all." -- Frank Auger, HubSpot CIO