Sorry there - you won't see any more of those*.

Now you get to punish the guy who thought you might like it!

Sam is the guy that thought you'd like the chance to download an ebook right from the article

Mike Lemire is the guy who told him he was wrong.


Sam Mallikarjunan

"We can save people a click by letting them continue learning right from the article!" - Sam

Mike Lemire

"NO! Fancy boxes disrupt the user's experience and won't delight them." - Mike

Sam's sorry he built an experience you didn't love. What do you want to do to him?

Punish Sam
Forgive Sam

If you wanted to read the ebook but just didn't like the way it was presented, click below to go to the HubSpot Landing Page you know and love!

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*You won't see any more fancy boxes popup if you're in our database and you don't clear your cookies. We want you to love your HubSpot content experience but we're not psychics - yet. We've been known to try and use the Force to lift objects before. Success thus far has been limited but we haven't given up since we first saw the movies and we promise we won't give up now :)