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    Rachel Sebell (a.k.a. Rach) is Manager, Inbound Marketing Consultants, working with nonprofit, education and small businesses. She helps these organizations get found online and increase lead conversions. She also coaches and trains her team members to provide top-notch consulting services and to improve the service offerings for HubSpot’s customers.

    Rach is a graduate of Babson College’s MBA program with 6+ years of experience in marketing in the Nonprofit/EDU sector. She began her career at HubSpot as a Support Engineer, assisting HubSpot customers with implementing inbound marketing techniques and resolving technical issues with their HubSpot subscription. Rach joined HubSpot’s consulting team in the summer of 2011 and cofounded the HubSpot Nonprofit/EDU team. She has successfully developed innovative ways to apply the inbound marketing methodology to Nonprofit/EDU customers.

    When she's not consulting or working with her team, she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, gluten-free cooking and being an artist.

    Learn more about HubSpot's Consulting Services here or contact Rach for details.

    Customer Testimonials

    "Rachel has a great way of vesting in your company. With us she was able to put herself in the role of trying to take a bunch of rookie Inbound Marketers and turn us into a success. I attribute our success and quick education to Rachel's patience, kindness, and the ability to laugh with me now and again. I recommend Rachel highly as an expert in the field."

    Eric Allen
    Director of Media at The Urban Alternative

    "Hubspot is lucky to have Rach on staff. I've personally been using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Platform for 3 years and have been generally impressed with their employees knowledge and tenacity--but never more so than with Rach. She has a wonderful ability to take a powerful software package and break it down into useable pieces of information and training for the common marketing professional. Thanks to Rach our inbound marketing campaigns are performing better than ever"

    Peter Martino
    Ops Manager at United Home Experts

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