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rachel goodman mooreRachel Goodman Moore is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where she received a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience with a concentration in Psychology. 

Rachel has always been fascinated by the mind and how peoples' everyday interactions and experiences can shape the ways their brains work. Although she originally received her degree in the sciences, Rachel realized that what truly motivated her was not just studying how neurological and psychological function influence everyday lives, but instead actually playing an active role in improving peoples' lives by helping to change the ways learners think and teachers guide their students. 

As a longtime observer and consumer of inbound marketing, Rachel became interested in the view from the inside--how exactly the world of Internet marketing really worked--while working in brain disease research at Harvard Medical School. She used her free time to research and learn as much as she could about blogging, social media, content creation strategies, buyer personas, and SEO. Her passion for helping others learn and grow--coupled with her love for the digital world and all things inbound--lead her to HubSpot, where she leads the Certifications Program. 

Rachel is a published neuroscience author who currently oversees the HubSpot, Inbound, Partner, Contextual Marketing, and HubSpot Designer certifications.

When not reading up on the latest and greatest in the world of inbound, Rachel loves baking anything containing or involving rainbow sprinkles as well as riding horses. 



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Twitter @GoodmanRE

LinkedIn: Rachel Goodman Moore

Website: sometimes-blogger for blog.hubspot.com and aspiring kitchen conqueror at candiedfigsblog.com