Rider Letter for Proof of Services
in Partner Collaboration Deals

Effective Date: March 1, 2019

Overview of Partner Collaboration

Partner Collaboration is a co-selling opportunity reserved for our Tiered Partners. When a Tiered Partner attempts to register a lead that already belongs to HubSpot, that Partner may be eligible to co-sell with HubSpot’s direct sales team and earn commission when the deal closes. For more information on Partner Collaboration, please speak with your Channel Account Manager or refer to section 3 (g) ‘Shared Leads’ of the Agency Partner Program Agreement. 

For a Partner to receive Commissions and Sold MRR credit on Partner Collaboration deals, HubSpot requires written proof of a signed services agreement between the customer and the Partner. This proof confirms that the Partner is providing services to the client and that those services meet or exceed HubSpot’s software onboarding requirements, as we are waiving the requirement to buy direct onboarding from HubSpot, and trusting the partner to set up the customer for success. Proof of Services is due on or before the date of the software purchase in all Partner Collaboration Deals.

Proof of Services Requirement – The Rider Letter

Effective March 1, 2019, the Rider Letter for Partner-Client Services Agreement is the HubSpot Standard for written proof of Partner Services in all Partner Collaboration deals.

The Rider Letter confirms via client signature that you, the Partner, are providing at a minimum the services required for onboarding this customer on the chosen HubSpot software, as specified in a separate services agreement between Partner and Client. The Rider Letter does not replace the need for a services agreement between Partner and Client.

The Rider Letter must be signed by the client and dated within the past 3 months of the date of the HubSpot software purchase. Please email a copy of the signed letter to your Channel Account Manager prior to completing the sale of HubSpot Software. 

Beginning March 1, 2019, HubSpot will accept only the Rider Letter as proof of services for Partner Collaboration, with the following exception: 

In Lieu of the Rider Letter, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Partners may send an email to their Channel Account Manager, stating that the Partner has an active signed services agreement with the customer which meets or exceeds HubSpot’s onboarding requirements. 

Please reach out to your Channel Account Manager with any questions.

Where to Find the Rider Letter

The Rider Letter document will be available within your HubSpot Partner Portal by early February 2019. It can be found within the Documents Center, under the title “Rider Letter for Partner-Client Services Agreement.”

Not Accepted as Proof of Services – Confidential Client Documents

Please Do Not send any agreements or documents of a confidential nature such as services agreements, invoices, client emails, or similar documents To your Channel Account Manager. HubSpot will not accept these documents as proof of services for Partner Collaboration.