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Because in 2020, there wasn't a playbook...

We've heard from hundreds of sales leaders that last year was a battle. But if sales leaders know anything, it's resilience, and how to frame every challenge as an opportunity. Quota, to most people, would be scary stuff. But to sales teams, it's a goal to hit, a challenge to meet. So if there's any department prepared to do what's necessary to grow revenue this year, it's sales.

But what did last year actually look like for sales leaders? To find out, we built a report featuring...

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500+ Responses
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And before you ask what's next, let's just say it...

Last Year Was Tough

40% of the sales leaders we surveyed missed revenue targets...

So over 40% of sales leaders missed revenue targets. Take some time to reflect on that... ok... done? In this report, we asked over 500 sales leaders how they found a competitive advantage during a chaotic year. Sneak peek: The top performers adapted their sales models, enabled their team with tools and technology, and used data to focus on coaching opportunities. Download the full report for in-depth insights.
How Did Your Organization Perform Against Its Revenue Goal this Year?

Insights from industry experts...

Yamini headshot

As you plan your 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer.

Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer

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"In 2020, 40% of businesses did not meet revenue targets. As you plan your 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer. Place them at the center of every decision, across marketing, sales, and customer success."

Alyssa Merwin

As the world shifts to virtual, the challenge is building trust with your prospects...

Alyssa Merwin

VP of Sales, North America

Linkedin sales solutions

"As the world shifts to virtual, the challenge is building trust with your prospects and cutting through the noise. Our own research at LinkedIn shows that sales professionals can build trust by taking a buyer-first approach and by reaching out only when they fully understand the buyers' needs and the buyer's role in the purchasing process.”

Annelies Husmann

The efficacy of our historical data was overturned when COVID hit in Q2 2020.

Annelies Husmann

Director, Enterprise Sales

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"The efficacy of our historical data was overturned when COVID hit in Q2 2020. Everything in the sales process as we know it changed, from buyer expectations to sales motions, increasing uncertainty for revenue teams."

suzie andrews headshot

The single most underutilized resource in any company is the sales leader...

Suzie Andrews

Sandler Training

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"As we look forward to 2021 all sales leaders should align themselves to ensure they are most efficiently managing their teams. Simply said, how much time are they spending one on one with their reps? Try weekly one on one meetings, ride alongs, pre-call and post-call planning, ad-hoc coaching, and role play."

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