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Report: The Sales Professional Survey Book Cover

Report: The Challenges of Sales Professionals

From adopting a CRM to fixing the sales process. Avoid the challenges sales professionals often face.

A Brief Overview

  • The single biggest issue that companies have with their CRM isn’t the provider or the features of the CRM itself, but with how their CRM is used by their sales professionals -- or the lack of use.
  • A 2016 Sales survey asked 700 sales professionals about their CRM usage and sales success. These professionals, are segmented in three categories; CRM Administrators, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals.
  • We discovered two big reasons why Sales Professionals are not using their CRM which leads to missed sales opportunities, wasted resources, and increasing frustration between Sales Management and Sales Professionals.

This report will cover:

  • Effective ways to get Sales Professionals to use CRM
  • Biggest sales challenge based on position
  • Breakdown of Salesforce & Hubspot CRM among organizations
  • What Sales Professionals need to be successful
  • The most important sales metric
  • The average length of a sales lifecycle

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