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A Recorded AMA Session with Max Altschuler CEO of Sales Hacker & Mark Roberge CRO of HubSpot on Modern Prospecting Techniques

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These two statistics unfortunately reflect the current state of sales:

  1. Less than 1% of calls are responded to
  2. Less than 24% of sales emails are opened

Sales is a difficult world to be in because buyers aren't putting up with salespeople anymore. Instead of helping and building relationships, many reps are still focused on closing prospects - even when they aren't ready to buy! So buyers ignore them. Because of that, even great reps would be lucky to get on the phone with someone.

While buyers have evolved and become more sophisticated, sales reps and training programs have been slow to adapt to that change.

Learn actionable modern prospecting techniques you can apply immediately from this recorded "Ask Me Anything" session with Max Altschuler CEO of Sales Hacker, and Mark Roberge CRO of HubSpot. You're going to learn:Live_AMA_Max_Altschuler__Mark_Roberge_-_Facebook_App.jpg

  • What has changed in prospecting
  • Why contextual selling is important
  • How to effectively prospect with the available technology
  • How to connect with the right business opportunities
  • The key elements of the ultimate outreach strategy

Max Altschuler

CEO of Sales Hacker and Author of Hacking Sales


Max Altschuler is Founder and CEO of Sales Hacker Inc., a global conference and event series and online publication that brings together proven sales execs and emerging startup founders to share their experiences in sales. He previously co-founded CMX Media Inc., served as VP of Business Development at Attorney Fee (acquired by LegalZoom), and was the second business hire for Udemy where he built the instructor sales process from scratch. During his time at Udemy, they raised over $15m in funding and went from 5 to 50 employees. Max is the author of best-selling book Hacking Sales.

Mark Roberge

CRO, HubSpot and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School


Mark Roberge is Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot and a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. He previously served as HubSpot's SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services and increased revenue over 6000% and expanded the team from 1 to 450 employees. Mark is the author of best-selling and award-winning book The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million. He has been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, and Harvard Business Review.

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