HubSpot Training: Agency Account Management Essentials

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Agency Account Management Essentials

The 2-day in-person Agency Account Management Essentials course is an adapted version of HubSpot's employee onboarding program and will provide agency account managers and strategists with the knowledge they need to effectively manage accounts and consistently drive value for their clients through inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform.


per seat
  • Duration: 2 Days, 8:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Requirement: HubSpot Marketing Subscription and HubSpot Certified Partner
  • Location: HubSpot HQ, Cambridge, MA
  • What to Bring: Laptop
  • Language: English
  • Best For: HubSpot agency account managers or marketing strategists who currently manage HubSpot clients. 


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

North America

  • June 18-19 - Cambridge, MA
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Currently not available in Europe. 


Currently not available in Asia. 


Currently not available in Australia

Course Topics:

  • Inbound Strategy Planning
  • Customer Value Lifecycle
  • Influencing Client Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Quick Wins Approach
  • Pillar Content Strategy
  • Portal Review Best Practices
  • roman-kniahynyckyj-headshot
    Intense and engaging classroom-based instruction for both new and experienced marketing and project managers. The right mix of activities, lecture and fun! This class gave me valuable tools I was able to use both within our agency and with retainer clients immediately. If you want to be sure your agency continues to be aligned with HubSpot's Growth Stack and more importantly, the processes that help optimize HubSpot's Growth Stack, make sure your client facing team attends this class.

    Roman Kniahynyckyj

    Senior Marketing Manager


  • john-aiken-headshot
    We sent one of our top account managers to the training, not knowing what the outcome would be. Within hours of the training starting, we started receiving slack messages about things we should be documenting, addressing, or changing in our SOPs for projects. She came back from the two-day workshop on fire and with a new passion for her job. She has been working with our director of operations for the last two weeks to make recommendations for revisions to how we operate on all accounts.

    John Aiken


    Web Canopy Studio

  • gabriel-marguglio-headshot
    Business-wise, we have already seen changes in general strategy and account management processes. After going to Boston, my team has created a whole new video & content strategy to accelerate content creation and promotion of pillar pages, satellite blog posts, videos and emails for all of our customers. Implementing this new strategy is going to be our goal for 2018. This training also helped us redefine our own sales process to give us the same competitive advantage as our clients.

    Gabriel Marguglio


    Nextiny Marketing

  • kara-inglis-headshot
    Any HubSpot event is a good way to refresh and focus on improving or expanding our skill sets. The Agency Account Manager Essentials training did not disappoint! It was nice to interact with other account managers and to learn a few different ways we can improve some of our current strategies and bring some new practices to our agency to better serve our clients.

    Kara Inglis

    Senior Account Manager

    Nextiny Marketing

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