HubSpot Training: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Learn the best practices in-person from experts

Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this one-day training course, marketing and sales leaders will learn to align internal teams for scaleable growth. Attendees will identify and document sales and marketing's shared business goals and establish an actionable definition of their ideal buyer. Using this foundation attendees will develop the technical processes and content strategy necessary to close leads into customers.


per seat
  • Duration: 1 Day, 9 AM-4:30 PM
  • Level: Beginner
  • What to Bring: Laptop
  • Language: English
  • Best For: Marketing and Sales leaders looking to create alignment to deliver a consistent experience from lead to customer.


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

North America

  • January 17 - Houston, TX
  • January 31 - Orlando, FL
  • January 31 - San Francisco, CA
  • February 7 - Chicago, IL
  • February 7 - San Diego, CA
  • February 14 - New York, NY
  • February 28 - Cambridge, MA
  • March 7 - Kirkland, WA
  • March 14 - Toronto, ON 
  • March 21 - Washington, DC
  • March 28 - Denver, CO


  • January 31 - Amsterdam
  • February 14 - London
  • February 28 - Paris


Coming Soon! 


  • November 15 - Melbourne

Course Topics:

  • Calculating Funnel Goals
  • Defining Your Ideal Buyer
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Outling a Lead Handoff Procedure
  • Developing a Lead Score
  • Enabling Sales with Content
  • Maintaining Alignment with SLAs

This training does not include the HubSpot Sales tools or sequences.

Meet Our Team

  • emily-morgan.jpg
    Emily Morgan

    Emily spent the last 3 years at HubSpot both in Support and as a Customer Training specialist and has no shame in admitting she loves to nerd out with a whiteboard, coffee, and a challenging workflow.

  • aidan_mcgrath.jpg
    Aidan McGrath

    Aidan’s HubSpot career has spanned over both the Support team and the Partner Services team. He's a language nerd, loves traveling the world, and is always looking for the best food in town.

  • Sheena_chatterjee.jpg
    Sheena Chatterjee

    During her time at HubSpot on the Support and Customer Training teams, Sheena constantly strives to solve for the customer. She loves providing customers with the tools to reach that "a-ha!" moment.

  • Serena Polverino
    Serena Polverino

    Serena is passionate about all things content and spent the last 5 years helping brands in EMEA build and optimize their content marketing strategy. In her free time she loves cooking Italian food and working on DIY projects.

  • Jess Salpietro
    Jess Salpietro

    Jess began her HubSpot career as a Customer Success Manager, working directly with customers to help them reach their marketing and sales goals. She loves brainstorming solutions to sticky business problems and collaborating with customers. She's also a self-described comedy nerd, dog lover and wannabe chef.

  • I learned so much in this class and am already putting it to work today.

    Liza Barry


  • The team was very knowledgeable not only about Hubspot but about the nuances of Inbound and prospect behavior. They were very well prepared and had created a great structure for the class.

    Tracey Moon


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