Colleen Coyne Colleen Coyne is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and is the only HubSpot staff member to have an Olympic Gold Medal (in women's ice hockey!) Before HubSpot, she was at Groove Networks, which was purchased by Microsoft. She worked at Microsoft for a time but was ready to move on to new challenges and companies. With six years of great experiences working in software, Colleen was ready to move on to the then brand new HubSpot in 2006.  An early employee here, Colleen eventually became the company's first Inbound Marketing Consultant. Her favorite part of inbound marketing is working with social media, and she loves the excitement of helping teach new HubSpot customers about how to get engaged in the social world. When she's not developing new marketing strategies or training new consultants at HubSpot, Colleen enjoys fresh cookies and milk as a snack.

    Colleen in Social Media:

    Twitter: @colleencoyne
    LinkedIn: Colleen M Coyne

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    Appearances on HubSpot TV:
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    Customer Quotes About Colleen:

    "I mostly appreciate all your help, and this entire "website project" is a "mission impossible" without your guidance! I want you to know that!" - Mila, Etiquette Outreach