Migrate to HubSpot with our CRM Data Migration service

What to expect

Migrating to HubSpot

Learn more about the typical timeline and process for migrating data from your current CRM onto HubSpot. What should you expect in terms of timing? And who will be responsible for which tasks?


Week 1

Kickoff and Planning

Meet your Technical Consultant, who will give you an overview of our process, and explain the file exports we'll need from your team. You'll work with your Technical Consultant to understand any timing requirements for your team, and put a plan in place for the migration. 


Week 1 Cont'd

Data Export and Cleaning

Once you have a good understanding of the files we'll need, work with your internal teams to export your data from your CRM. Once exported, make any adjustments to the individual files based on the overview of what we'll need in order to export your data correctly. 

This can be a good opportunity to do some data cleanup before you send us the final files. Are there old contacts you no longer need? Are there custom fields you no longer use that would clutter up your new CRM? Take this chance to start with fresh data!

Once ready, send the files to your Technical Consultant, who will ask for any necessary changes to the file formats. We'll only be able to run an import once, so please be sure to include all of your data. 


Week 2

Import Data

Depending on our queue, we may not be able to execute your import immediately after receiving the files. Before the import, we'll need to create any custom fields in your HubSpot account for you, and setup your Deals pipeline. 

Once we are ready to import your data, we'll let you know that we're beginning the process. Once we have the data mapped and ready to go, we'll run a sample import and send to you to review.

Once you sign off on the sample, we'll run the full import. Depending on the data size, this may take a few hours, to needing to run overnight.


Week 2 Cont'd

Review and go-live

Review the data that was imported and make sure it looks as you were expecting. If everything is correct, have your team begin working in HubSpot's CRM!

  • The short answer is: it depends..

    We find that typical migrations take about 1-2 weeks. The specific timing will depend on how ready you are to export your data, your ability to ensure the files are in the correct format, the size of the import, as well as our current queue. 


  • What we'll do for you:
    The HubSpot team will review your CSV file exports and recommend necessary changes, create any necessary custom Contact/Company/Deal fields, and import your data. 

    What your team will do:
    Your team will be responsible for exporting your data from your current CRM, and ensuring it is in the correct format for us to be able to import. Without certain fields, we won't be able to maintain your data's exact structure. 

  • To avoid creating duplicates, we would recommend having your team work in your current CRM until all your data is migrated to HubSpot. This may mean that your team needs to make some manual updates in HubSpot based on changes in the time between your export, and our import. 
  • We'll need you to export your contacts/companies/deals/engagements from your current CRM. Please review the specifics of what we'll need here: https://www.hubspot.com/services/consulting/crm-data-migration