Julie Devaney Julie Devaney is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to HubSpot, she was a Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, working with clients to lead strategic communications and development programs. She's been working on marketing campaigns and external communication campaigns for over five years now, and led the establishment of the Internal Branding Community of Practice at Deloitte. Julie has always been very interested in the place of effective messaging and writing in marketing, and so her favorite topics in inbound marketing are blogging and optimizing websites. She came to HubSpot after doing work at Deloitte to help their customers "get found", and realized that she wanted this to be her full time job. She connected with a former Deloitte coworker who was at HubSpot, and started here shortly afterwards. A little known fact about Julie is that she is also a singer and was previously a student at the New England Conservatory. She has sung the national anthem for all three of Boston's professional sports teams: The Boston Bruins, the Red Sox, and the Celtics.

    Julie in Social Media:

    Twitter: @jalicedev
    LinkedIn: Julie Devaney