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Sales Hub: Configure Your Deal Pipeline

A live training designed for sales leaders to learn how to improve their sales process with a reportable and user-friendly deal pipeline for their sales team.

Course Information

Who this Course is Best For

  • Role: Sales managers responsible for configuring their CRM and deal pipeline for a sales team.
  • Subscription: Sales Pro, Sales Enterprise
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This course has been adapted from a portion of what was previously our Sales Hub Fundamentals course.

2021 Dates

Eastern Time (New York):

October 25: 1-5pm

November 15: 9am-1pm

December 13: 1-5pm

Central European Time:

October 22: 9am-1pm

November 22: 1-5pm

November 23: 9am-1pm (in German)

November 25: 1-5pm (in French)

November 30: 9am-1pm (in Spanish)

December 8: 1-5pm (in German)

Greenwich Mean Time:

December 2: 9am-1pm

Singapore Time:

November 15: 8am-12pm

Australian Eastern Daylight Time:

October 25: 8am-12pm

December 1: 9am-1pm

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Course Details

  • In this 4-hour training, we review best practices for configuring deal pipelines to ensure sales success and forecasting accuracy, with space for attendees to audit their existing deal pipeline with the assistance of a HubSpot expert. Further highlights include:

    • Exploring reporting for accurate pipeline forecast settings
    • Developing deal-stage specific automation as deals progress
  • Deals & Pipelines:

    • What is a deal? How do we create deals?
    • How do we capture information on a deal record?
    • How does it interact with other objects?
    • How do we group deals together to work effectively?

    Managing Contacts & Companies:

    • What is Lead Status? What purpose does it serve?
    • What is Lifecycle Stage? What purpose does it serve?
    • What is a Deal Stage? What purpose does it serve? How does it interact with forecasting?
    • How do these properties interact?

    Deal Stage Configuration:

    • How do I create a pipeline that will enable accurate forecasting?
    • What should be a deal stage vs an automated task?
    • When should I create multiple pipelines?

    Deal Automation:

    • What are examples of actions you can automate?
    • How might these automated actions apply throughout the sales process?
    • How can you automate these when adjusting deal stage settings?

    Intro to Sales Reporting:

    • What type of reporting is available?
    • What is a dashboard?
    • How can I use previous data to calculate win probability?
  • Each HubSpot training course is equipped with plenty of activities to help you apply what you have learned and keep you engaged from beginning to end. In this training course, you'll go through activities that will help you:

    • Evaluate your current sales process gaps
    • Create deals and deal views
    • Audit your deal pipelines for long term success
    • Identify automation to manage tasks, notifications and basic data management
  • We design each HubSpot training to help you quickly and easily gain experience utilizing your Sales Hub tools. In this particular training you will see demos in the following areas:

    • Creating and managing deals in HubSpot
    • Deal pipelines and settings (stages and forecast probability)
    • Basic sales automation (triggered by Deal Stage)
    • Basic deal reporting

Cancellation Policy

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    You’ll love the hands-on approach of every training. A dedicated HubSpot professional will guide you through your marketing tools and strategies. Each trainer is engaging, talented, and, most importantly, here to help you reach your full potential as a HubSpot user.
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  • The Trainers were exceptional: Extremely knowledgeable, upbeat and supportive. The material covered all the right areas and the examples were spot on.


    Founder/Senior Consultant


  • You get much more than if you had just scanned through the documentation online. It was an excellent use of my time, even after taking it before. Great job. I honestly wouldn't change anything. Thanks!


    Senior Director of Marketing

    The Energy Project

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