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Service Hub Fundamentals

Implement an inbound service strategy using the HubSpot Service Hub tools to understand, engage, and delight your customers throughout their journey.

Course Information

Who This Course is Best For

  • Role: Customer Service professionals responsible for managing the customer experience.
  • Recommended Subscription Level: Service Hub Professional, Service Hub Enterprise
  • Prerequisites: None

2022 Dates

Eastern Time (New York):

September 15: 9am-4pm

October 26: 9am - 4pm

Nov 9: 9am - 4pm

Greenwich Mean Time:

For more information, please contact us at: customertraining@hubspot.com


Australian Eastern Standard Time:

For more information, please contact us at: customertraining@hubspot.com


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Course Details

  • You’ll learn to use HubSpot to:

    • Create and manage the customer challenges and feedback via a ticketing pipeline
    • Automate and report on a ticketing pipeline
    • Identify the correct times for gathering customer feedback
    • Help your customers self-serve via a Knowledge Base
    • Build and customise your customer feedback structures in HubSpot
    • Action positive and negative feedback, both in and out of HubSpot
    • Report on your customer feedback and experiences

    • Building Your Helpdesk in HubSpot
    • Planning Your Helpdesk Channels 
    • Ticket Management in HubSpot (pipelines, automation and day-to-day management)
    • Servicing Customers with the Knowledge Base
    • Gathering and Actioning Feedback from Customers
    • Reporting on Your Customer Experience
  • Each HubSpot training course is equipped with plenty of activities to help you apply what you have learned and keep you engaged from beginning to end. In this training course, you’ll go through activities that will help you:

    • Customize your ticketing pipeline
    • Leverage your conversations inbox to efficiently respond to customers
    • Build and customise your Knowledge Base
    • Map customer journeys
    • Plan and build ticket-stage automation
    • Plan and customize feedback options for your customers
    • Report on your customer experience
  • We design each HubSpot training to help you gain experience in your HubSpot tools quickly and easily. In this particular training you’ll see demos of the following areas:

    • Ticket pipelines and automation
    • NPS, CSAT, CES and Custom Surveys
    • Knowledge Base
    • Customer Portal
    • Survey Customisation 
    • Survey Response Automation
    • Service Hub Reporting & Analytics

Cancellation Policy

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    Our Trainers are Here to Help

    You’ll love the hands-on approach of every training. A dedicated HubSpot professional will guide you through your marketing tools and strategies. Each trainer is engaging, talented, and, most importantly, here to help you reach your full potential as a HubSpot user.
    Contact us to sign up early!
  • The Trainers were exceptional: Extremely knowledgeable, upbeat and supportive. The material covered all the right areas and the examples were spot on.


    Founder/Senior Consultant


  • You get much more than if you had just scanned through the documentation online. It was an excellent use of my time, even after taking it before. Great job. I honestly wouldn't change anything. Thanks!


    Senior Director of Marketing

    The Energy Project

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