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    Quotes from Customers

    "Everyone on the team is really blown away by you (naturally!) and your perceptiveness and ability to guide our brainstorming and discussions."
    Liz McBrayer, Medical Doctor Associates

    "It's hard to express how much we've enjoyed working with you and just how much you've helped us. Basically, you're awesome and we love you."
    Whitney Blackburn, Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.

    "I have learned so much from you…what I like about your consulting style is your patience, your willingness to stop at any time and answer questions, and your enthusiasm."
    Tamara DeLaFuente, Nolan Real Estate Services

    Shilpa Pandya is a digital marketing professional with extensive experience creating content-rich, metrics-driven campaigns for small, medium and enterprise-level clients. She has worked with clients across industries to achieve repeated success in leveraging social and digital channels to increase brand relevance, support customer engagement and generate leads to drive measurable revenue growth.

    A graduate of Columbia University, Shilpa has always had a deep respect for a teacher's ability to transform their students' lives. As an inbound marketing consultant, she continues to draw inspiration from her favorite teachers on her mission to transform the way her customers approach marketing.

    At heart, Shilpa is a diehard New Yorker with a creative soul and a moderate obsession with infographics. Experts agree: given enough coffee, Shilpa could undoubtedly rule the world.

    Testimonials from Shilpa's Customers

    liferay"As the main consultant for our company's platform migration, Shilpa exceeded our expectations with her work ethic and deep knowledge of the product. She would consistently provide detailed answers for problems and offer to walk us through the process to ensure our success. Even when answers were not readily available, she would persist in her research or direct us to the proper resource. Overall, her quality of work speaks volumes about her and her company culture."

    - Martin Yan, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Liferay  

    Hytrol_logo-1"To say I have enjoyed working with Shilpa is an understatement. Her expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication are unmatched, and the ease in which she understood our complicated and intricate business model was impressive, to say the least. Shilpa has the rare gift of educating in a way that feels more like illumination. Her thorough understanding of our practices and audiences coupled with her approachable personality allowed us to develop and expand our strategies well beyond my initial expectations. Our consultation time with Shilpa has been educative and hugely beneficial. I will definitely miss working with her."

    - Whitney Blackburn, Brand Manager at Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.

    mda-logo"I had the great fortune to work with Shilpa as the leader of our training sessions for HubSpot. Her expertise of inbound marketing and the Hubspot system, combined with excellent communication and enthusiasm makes her training sessions extremely effective. She can always break down a complicated issue and make it easy to understand and follow. She's professional, patient, and a great listener. By the end of the training, we had a strong grasp of how HubSpot facilitates the implementation of our content marketing strategy. We were immediately able to use what we learned and customize the system to adapt to our own needs and achieve our goals. Shilpa is amazing and working with her is a sheer joy."

    - Frances Weaver, Web Administrator at Medical Doctor Associates

    Shilpa's Recent Blog Posts

    How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Post-Encryption Keyword Insight

    Posted by Shilpa Pandya

    Remember that day when Google encrypted all keyword data without telling anyone? Yeah, that sucked. For marketers especially, it was a sad, sad day. But if we’re honest with ourselves, based on how the (not provided) count has continuously crept up since it first came into existence in October 2011, it’s hard to say we didn’t see this day coming.  Read full post...

    Case Studies Featuring Shilpa's Customers

    SaaS Data Insights Company Vivonet Increases Leads by 100%

    Vivonet provides point-of-sale and data insights to thousands of restaurants across North America by using cloud-based, mobile, and social technologies.

    Vivonet couldn't attract quality leads. They were using ineffective lead generation channels that produced mostly unqualified, low quality leads. As a result, their sales team was spending far too much time contacting uninterested people.

    • 1000% increase in Landing Page conversion with A/B testing
    • 100% increase in online leads