Expanding Agency Services
Using Free Marketing Tools

All the resources you need to successfully move a prospect from being a free user into a paying client.

Value Proposition

CRM & Marketing Tools = The Perfect Pair

Rooting your marketing tools in a CRM gives marketers the ability to easily see how their efforts impact their customers’ experience beyond just a single email, or one ad campaign.

Get an arsenal of tools with HubSpot CRM to convert and engage your leads. Get forms, email marketing, ads, marketing reports and more — 100% free in the HubSpot CRM. 

By having the ability to go beyond 1:1 email sends and having the ability to target ads or email content based on contact data at the free pricing tier, we can build in so much more value to our clients from the get-go. It makes our sales process much easier for moving clients up to bigger retainers in a much shorter time frame.

Michael Rothwell,

Founder, LYFTOFF Agency

What Free Marketing Tools are Included?


Ads in HubSpot let you compare performance across networks, and see exactly which contacts interacted with your ads.


Email marketing tools with an intuitive drag and drop editor, best in class deliverability, and analytics to help you optimize your lead nurturing.


A full suite of conversion tools, including forms and pop-ups, making it easy to convert visitors to your site into leads.


Conversations brings the power of live chat on your site into one unified inbox. Deploy helpful bots, convert leads, and report on your success.

Why are Free Tools Valuable?

Freemium Selling:

Why should clients who are skeptical of marketing tools and software pay for them, when they can start with these tools for free?

Clients will save time and effort by using our free tools, leaving them more time to scale their marketing, make their customers happier, and start growing their business - all while growing their trust with a top partner like you.

And because HubSpot has products for growing companies at every stage, they’ll never have to worry about outgrowing their tools and starting from scratch.

  • Attract clients by showing the value of HubSpot’s products by starting free
  • Grow services with your client, so you can grow better together and build a lasting relationship

 Freemium Stats From Partners:

  • 75% of HubSpot Solutions Partner, Six & Flow's clients start with free tools and/or trials.
  • 75% of Six & Flow's clients who start with free tools, upgrade to Marketing Hub Professional.
  • 40% of Six & Flow's revenue originated by starting with free marketing tools.

Learn How to Grow Clients Starting with Free Marketing Tools:

Freemium Playbook for Marketing Hub

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Expand Services with Free: Academy Lesson

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Free Marketing Tools Pitch Deck

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Feature Upgrade One-Sheeter

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What Services Can You Offer with Free Software?

With freemium selling, you'll begin by providing some basic services such as audits, strategy sessions, trainings and maybe some small budget projects. As clients begin to see value in your services and the HubSpot products, you can propose product upgrades that will lead to additional service opportunities.

Inbound Strategy Consulting

Begin gaining a clients trust by creating a strong inbound plan for their business. Make sure they're aligned and see the value in working with you.

CRM Onboarding

Get them setup on the free HubSpot CRM and marketing tools. Get some quick wins that show the value of each tool.

Ad Management

Though the ad spend limit is only $1,000 at the free tier, you can still begin to show the value of an 'all-in-one' ad platform.

Email Marketing

Email marketing at the free tier is limited to 2,000 sends, but you can showcase the drag-and-drop editor and begin creating small campaigns.

When Should Your Client Upgrade?

Upgrade to Starter if:

  1. Client wants to capture, convert and begin engaging their contacts.
  2. Client wants to get rid of HubSpot branding on emails.
  3. Client wants to see contact data beyond the initial seven days in HubSpot CRM.
  4. Client wishes they could retarget their ads to existing contacts. (especially important for e-commerce)
  5. Clients contacts exceed 2,000 and they can no longer engage every one.

Upgrade to Professional if:

  1. Client wants to add automation and personalization while implementing inbound.
  2. They can't connect all three of their ad accounts that they wish to.
  3. They want access to SEO and content tools to fully lean into inbound marketing.
  4. They can't optimize conversion rates or measure the revenue impact their efforts are having.

Upgrade to Enterprise if:

  1. Client wants to manage teams and brands at scale and requires customization.
  2. Their needs demand more complex reporting.
  3. They don't have the ability to customize (reporting, triggers, segmentation).
  4. Their organization uses single sign-on.
  5. They need full control over team permissions.

Customer Fit

Free marketing tools in HubSpot CRM could be a good fit for simpler marketing organizations (likely a marketing/sales team <10) who might not have enough budget to invest in software but plan to as they grow. This type of customer would requires a lot of hand holding before they’re ready for a full growth strategy, but they understand they need to invest to grow their business. We've also seen success with larger organizations or ones who are seeking an alternative solution to what they currently have. In this instance, you could use the free tools to ease them into our solution (similar to a trial), to more quickly demonstrate the value they’d get from paid versions.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Tips from Partner Experts

Do you need go-to-market ideas on the revamped free marketing tools?

Take a look at these videos from our partner experts on how to sell and service these tools

Product Resources

Positioning and Marketing

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Sales Enablement Resources

  • Freemium playbook
  • Free marketing tools pitch deck
  • Case Study: Six & Flow
  • One-pager with FAQs
*The pricing set out on the Product and Services page is for information purposes only, as per the terms of your Solutions Partner Program Agreement you may resell HubSpot Products to customers at a price determined solely by you.