Start 2020 Strong:

The Essential Resources Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Everything startups need to start 2020 strong in sales, marketing, and services. Use our Brand & Asset Kit, Grand Planner Kit, Presentation Deck Templates, and more to start off this year with a bang!

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2020 Grand Planner for Startups

Planning is never more important than in a time and resource-strapped startup. Use our Startup Marketing Plan Blueprint, SMART goals template, and our MSPOT template to empower your organization with world-class planning.

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The Startup Growth Playbook

Hit hyper-drive on your startup's growth by leveraging this set of instructions and resources specifically curated to help startups grow better.

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How to Build a Successful Startup

Join HubSpot's Brian Halligan and AWS's Josh Hofmann for a look inside how they scaled their companies to what they are today.

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34 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs Going into 2020

Check out 34 inspirational quotes and pieces of advice from other successful entrepreneurs to get your head in the game for 2020.

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The Growth Show, with Glossier SVP Ali Weiss

Beauty is a $450 billion industry. But traditionally, communication on beauty routines and products came from companies, not other customers. That is, until a little blog named Into the Gloss was launched. Listen to SVP Ali Weiss on Glossier's journey.

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The Startup Brand and Asset Kit

Accumulating the right brand assets for your team can be expensive and time-intensive. Use our Branding and PR Guide along with a set of stock photos, case study templates, and icons to get your branding up to snuff.

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20 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2020

SEO has changed so much in the past several years, This guide is going to point out all of the most common myths about how SEO works and debunk them for you, so you’re not wasting a single moment on things that don’t matter in 2020.

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2020 Startups Email Marketing Kit

Email is the ultimate tool for startups and entrepreneurs because it helps you communicate to your early subscriber base and build your brand. Based on what we've learned by surveying startups and entrepreneurs, we've created this email 101 kit to help you kickstart your email strategy.

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Beautiful PowerPoint Deck Templates

Communicating a compelling vision is tricky to accomplish without the assistance of some rockstar slides. Use our beautiful and functional PowerPoint templates to impress in all of your 2019 meetings.

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