"Our employees' efficiency skyrocketed by using HubSpot."

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    Meet Edgar, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech

    This Zurich-based startup is empowering businesses to build high-quality products in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Edgar Kussberg is an entrepreneur, technology advisor and innovator from Tallinn, Estonia. Currently, he lives in Zurich, Switzerland where he is the CEO of Swiss Startup Tech.

What is Swiss Startup Tech?

Swiss Startup Tech is a Zurich-based digital solution provider with a focus on accelerating product development through innovation and a customer-centric mindset. The team of experienced product builders supports corporations and startups in building high-quality, scalable digital user experiences in a fast and cost-efficient way. Swiss Startup Tech is part of the leading Swiss venture platform Swiss Startup Group, that combines all assets of the venture business on one platform.

How does your company think about growth?

We have a strong focus on our people, ensuring we are delivering impact to our partners and customers.

How did HubSpot help you to achieve those goals? 

HubSpot helped us with providing automation and transparency when working with our partners, customers, and colleagues. 

What is the most valuable aspect of HubSpot?

Our teams really love the CRM and how it seamlessly integrates into Gmail. Our employees' efficiency skyrocketed by using HubSpot and it continues to grow month over month.

What is your advice to other founders who struggle to prioritize marketing and sales?

We believe that strategy and priority shifts depending on the size of the company. In the beginning a lot happens outbound or through connections, but at one points the transition happens when inbound wins over and you don't need to do so much outbound any more.

"Using the right tool from beginning on makes marketing and sales teams more efficient and data much more transparent."

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