The Future of Content Strategy: How Your Startup Can Win at SEO

HubSpot SEO and blogging expert Aja Frost does a deep-dive into the topic-cluster editorial model and how startups can apply it to win the right keywords for the right pages.

Search is changing. HubSpot adopted a brand-new model to dramatically boost our organic traffic — now you can use it too.


Between algorithm changes, new search features, and more competitors than ever before, ranking on Google has never been harder. SEO strategist and former HubSpot blog editor Aja Frost will discuss how to use the topic-cluster model to craft an airtight editorial strategy … and outrank your competitors. 



  • Aja Frost

    Aja Frost

    Sr. SEO Strategist

    Aja Frost serves as Sr. SEO Strategist for HubSpot. Aja started her a career as a freelance writer before joining HubSpot's blogging team in 2016, where she became the editor of the Sales Blog. Through her blogging work, she became an expert in SEO strategy. She most recently joined HubSpot's SEO team, and is now overseeing the SEO strategy of HubSpot's blog.

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