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HubSpot for StartupsPartner Program Policies

This policies page is intended as an easy guide to locating the processes and policies related to the program. All participants in the HubSpot for Startups Partner Program are required to agree to the HubSpot for Startups Partner Agreement and remain in compliance with these terms as part of the Agreement.


Maintaining an Active HubSpot CRM Hub & Partner Dashboard

The HubSpot for Startups Partner Dashboard is your one-stop-shop for all the tools, resources, and opportunities HubSpot offers to its startup partners. Additionally, this is where we will ask you to verify startups who apply from your organization without are referral code. An active HubSpot (free) CRM portal is required to activate your HubSpot for Startups Partner Dashboard. Partners must log in to their portal at least once every 120 days to avoid portal deactivation due to inactivity. To avoid loss of portal access due to POC turnover, we ask that you maintain a minimum of 2 active users within your portal. Your use of HubSpot CRM and any other HubSpot Subscription Software is governed by the HubSpot Customer Terms of Service.

Maintaining a Partner Point of Contact

A minimum of one active point of contact is required from all approved HubSpot for Startups Partners to stay up to date on program updates and verify startup applications from the organization. 

Frequency of Program Referrals

To maintain their status in the HSFS Partner Program, Partners shall actively participate in the program. Active participation means HubSpot receiving at least three (3) member HSFS applications in any given twelve (12) month period.

Startup Application Verification

When a startup from your organization applies to the HubSpot for Startups program without your organization's unique referral code/link, you are responsible for manually confirming/denying their association with your organization. This process is executed on the HubSpot for Startups Partner Dashboard.

Use of Partner Referral Codes or Links

We ask that our partners share the link and/or code provided by HubSpot via the Partner Dashboard with their active members in good standing only and that the link or code be shared in a secure way, with access that is restricted to the member base. As a partner, please ask your members to not share the link or code with anyone, keep the link and/or code confidential and use it exclusively for their own business. If you become aware of an access breach, unauthorized distribution, or any other misuse of the link or code notify HubSpot immediately. We will send you a new link or code. Continuous unauthorized distribution of the links or codes may lead to the termination of this functionality for your organization.

Providing Company Level Member Information

HubSpot for Startups Partner Program may ask you to share your member information with HubSpot for member verification, discount eligibility and/or HSFS program portfolio evaluation purposes. You agree to provide company-level information about your members and confirm that you have the right or permission to do so and that you are sharing this information in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and our HubSpot for Startups Partner Agreement.