Segment Startup Program Customers: Access HubSpot for Startups

Segment Startup Program members can now qualify for the HubSpot for Startups program! Learn how you can take advantage of HubSpot software, resources, and more.

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HubSpot for Startups has partnered with Segment to provide an exciting benefit for Segment Startup Program members. Select the program you qualify for to get access to the HubSpot Growth Platform at startup-friendly pricing. Startups who are part of our program can manage all of their contacts in our free (forever) CRM, sell better through our robust suite of sales tools, manage all marketing through our full marketing automation tools, and now, close the loop with customers in our new suite of services tools. Getting your first customers, and keeping them happy, has never been easier for startups than through HubSpot for Startups.

We have three programs depending on eligibility. If you aren't sure, apply for the exclusive Segment Startup Program partnership offer and talk to your sales rep!

Select Your Startup Program Below:

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Segment Startup Program Members

40% off HubSpot Software

All Segment Startup Program members are eligible for our exclusive partnership offer.

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HubSpot for Startups Program

50% to 90% off HubSpot Software

Segment Startup Program members who meet specific funding criteria and are a member of an approved VC, accelerator, or incubator, are eligible for our HubSpot for Startups program.

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What do you get in the HubSpot for Startups for Segment Startup Program?

  • EDUCATION | Educational content created just for founders, with quick and actionable takeaways to get your startup growing. From board deck templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you.
  • PROGRAMMING | Workshops and masterclasses from sales, marketing, and service experts, built just for startups.
  • SOFTWARE | Access to HubSpot Growth Platform,a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core at a startup-friendly price, to help you grow and scale better. [Learn more about the software here]
  • PLATFORM | Access to many platform integrations at startup friendly pricing, as well as the opportunity to build an integration on HubSpot platform.
  • SUPPORT | World class, 24/7 support from HubSpot experts and startup-friendly onboarding experience.
  • TRAINING | In-person product training.
The HSFS startup-friendly pricing is only applicable to net-new HubSpot Hubs or upgrades of existing Starter subscriptions to Professional or Enterprise products; customers may not apply the startup program pricing to existing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Hubs.

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