Season 1: The Fundamentals of Inbound for Startups

Learn how inbound can help your startup acquire customers and accelerate growth.

Watch all five episodes with experts from HubSpot and supercharge your startup's growth with inbound marketing and sales.

Lesson 1: Establish Your Sales Foundation

Identify your target customer(s), help solve your customer's problems, and develop your sales process.

Lesson 2: Establish Your Marketing Foundation

Understand inbound marketing, creating value-add content, and closing the loop with automation.

Lesson 3: Build Your Sales Operating System

Voice and messaging, Sales and Marketing alignment, and discover your traction channels.

Lesson 4: Build Your Marketing Operating System

Drive traffic and convert leads, build your tech stack, and nurture your database using automation.

Lesson 5: Scale Your Customer Acquisition and Retention

Business Unit Economics, hiring your team, and turning customers into promoters.

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Meet the Presenters

  • sg-defaults_testimonial-avatar-1.svg

    Gary Corcoran

    Business Development Manager

    Gary qualified as an accountant before founding an e-sports company, where he learned the ins and outs and startup life. He now helps startup grow all over Europe.

  • sg-defaults_testimonial-avatar-2.svg

    Caragh Kennedy

    Business Development Manager

    Caragh works with accelerators, incubators, and VC firms around the world to educate startups on inbound marketing and sales to grow their businesses.

  • Christian Mongillo

    Business Development Manager

    Christian is a student of sales and marketing strategy, studied economics and advises startups in Silicon Valley.