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The State of

Sales and the Customer Experience

in Australia: 2020 and beyond

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2020 threw us a curveball, but we've got you covered for 2021.

2020 has been a transformational year for sales teams on the heels of an already apparent change in both the selling process and the customer experience. Just as consumer expectations are growing, sales teams are becoming more sophisticated and tech-savvy, incorporating personalised experiences using software and data to guide them.


What did this year actually look like for sales leaders and consumers in Australia? To find out, we built a report featuring...

500+ Australian sales leaders
1000+ Australian consumers
Insights from industry experts
Australian data and insights

And before you ask what's next, let's just say it...

This Year Was Tough

Consumer expectations on the customer experience are higher than ever...

And sales leaders know this - 75% of sales decision makers in Australia report that customer expectations are higher now than before.

But what are businesses focusing on in 2020 when it comes to sales priorities, and are these the right priorities for today’s consumer?

What Are Sales Leaders Prioritising in 2020?

Insights from industry experts...

Kevin Ackhurst

As leaders, we can’t underestimate the challenges our teams are facing in their day-to-day roles

Kevin Ackhurst

ANZ Enterprise Sales Director

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"Nor can we rely on data in reports alone to provide us with the insights, context and deep understanding we need.

An overwhelming majority of sales leaders believe that their teams are equipped with the skills they need to deliver the experience customers expect - but the research shows a disconnect between what we, as senior leaders believe, versus what our sales managers and line managers are experiencing. It's time to ask the hard questions and ensure you're across what your teams are hearing and your customers are feeling".

Mark Tanner

The role of technology in a remote first workplace is critical, now more than ever

Mark Tanner

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


"That 44% of sales leaders say that their CRM is difficult to use is a massive problem. In the old world, you could sometimes get away with a bad CRM because you were all in the same room - but now that you’re not, it is critical to have a system that people enjoy using so that you never drop the ball for a customer, or for the business".

Josh Border

It's no surprise that learning agility is now one of the most important soft skills for sales hires

Josh Border

National Practice Lead - Sales & Marketing


"With regards to the hiring of new talent in recent times, we are seeing a big shift in focus for sales leaders towards prioritising adaptability and willingness to learn and utilise these new technologies.

More  than ever, we are also seeing stipulations around candidates having experience effectively using certain MarTech and CRM systems as this is viewed as essential for success by many organisations".

Yamini headshot

As you plan your 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer.

Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer

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"As you plan your 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer. Place them at the center of every decision, across marketing, sales, and customer success."

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