Based on your answers, it looks like you’re ready to grow your leadership skills. It’s clear you’re an ambitious, driven worker. Now’s the time to use your interests and expertise to make a larger impact. The checklist below highlights some skills to focus on over the next five years. Within each section, you’ll find customized content to help you make strides in becoming a valued leader on your team.



Breadth vs. Depth

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a new position to be a leader. In fact, you don’t even need to become a manager. In this blog post, learn the difference between solving for breadth vs. depth in your career path and evaluate which caters to your long-term goals.

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What is impostor syndrome?

Questioning if you’re good enough? Don’t worry -- we all experience times of doubt and unworthiness, especially as you establish yourself as a leader. In fact, this feeling of being “found out” is so common, we’ve got a name for it: impostor syndrome. As you take on more responsibilities, be prepared to let go of your inner perfectionist and fight this tendency with open dialogue.

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Always be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished because that’s the driving impetus of your future success.
How to Be a Leader at Any Stage

When it comes to leadership, remember, age is just a number. Learn how to free yourself of the constraints you may feel and challenge the status quo with your unique perspective.

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Essential Reading for Emerging Leaders

If you think there’s just one mold for the perfect leader, well … just do a quick search for “how to be a leader.” The number of leadership frameworks are as vast as the self-help book industry. Our suggestion? Read (or listen or watch, if that’s your style) as much as you can. To get started, we’ve gathered an assortment of content pieces that will help those hoping to move up to the next stage in their career.

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Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

By Herminia Ibarra - Learn how to redefine your job to give more strategic contributions and make a larger impact.

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Just Listen

By Mark Goulston - Learn to tear down walls and persuade effectively with active listening.

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Daring Greatly

By Brené Brown - This book explores how vulnerability is both the core of difficult emotions and the birthplace of innovation and creativity.

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The Secrets to Becoming an Audacious Leader

The best leaders are vulnerable leaders. They are passionate about their gifts and honest about their deepest flaws. Listen to this episode of The Growth Show to learn how musician and speaker Kai Kight uses healthy habits to optimize his learning and lead others well.

Every day I have the opportunity to affect one more person by the effort I give, the focus I give right now.



10 Science-Backed Tips for Rocking Your Next Public Speaking Opp

For too many, mastering public speaking remains a distant goal lacking any immediate action. However, if you’re serious about becoming a confident leader, there’s no better time to start challenging yourself in this area. Start small and lead some team meetings. With a bit of practice, you’ll be on your way to teaching your coworkers and speaking at events.

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Impress Your Boss With Measuring and Reporting

Who doesn’t wish they had a bit more visibility for their work? To get noticed, you’ll have to do some reporting first. As you set professional development goals for the next few years, remember that understanding the metrics of your role and gaining business acumen are both pre-requisites for most promotions.

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Top Training Needs for Marketing Teams

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an emerging leader is to think less about your personal growth and more about the good of the company. As you identify new skills to master, prioritize high-impact areas that provide value for your team. Use this research report to learn about the top challenges facing today’s businesses.

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6 Defining Qualities of Great Leaders

Do good leaders have all the answers? Do they love the spotlight? With each new opportunity that comes your way, stand firm against the all-too-common myths of leadership in the business world. Exemplary leaders are humble and committed, not simply in ideals, but everyday practice. In the end, remember, leadership is not about you.

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