The professional working world seems typical. At your desk by 9. Sneak out at 5. Sit in traffic. Do it all again tomorrow.
But it’s a big world out there, and people’s lives (and livelihoods) are far weirder than we could have imagined.
This podcast looks at all the jobs that leave us saying... “Wait, you make money doing that?"
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Episode 5:“I've written 18,728 songs and counting.”

Go on Spotify right now. Type your name, or the name of someone you know. Chances are a strange band has a song about that name. And chances are the man who wrote that song is actually named Matt Farley. Matt’s written more than 18,700 songs, and that’s not even counting some of the custom work he does for people.

In this episode, the Weird Work team goes to visit the most productive songwriter in the world and hang out in his home studio basement.


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Episode 4:“I press human ashes into vinyl records.”

Jason Leach founded Andvinyly as a way to face his own mortality. He heard Hunter S. Thompson had his own ashes set off in fireworks, and Jason wondered how he could be best remembered. Then it hit him: Vinyl records.

What Jason didn’t expect was that he’d accidentally created an entire business model by going through the process. And as much as he tried to ignore it, the people had spoken. They too wanted to live beyond the groove.

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Episode 3:“I’m a professional bridesmaid.”

If you’ve ever been to a wedding where the bride is considering grabbing an Uber and leaving, the ring bearer is missing, and the groomsmen are blackout drunk, you’ve seen what Jen Glantz calls a “normal weekend.

Jen is a professional bridesmaid, which means anything from being helping the bride pee, to wrangling a gaggle of groomsmen.


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Episode 2: "I make ASMR videos."

Heather Feather was sitting in her classroom. Her teacher pulled down a world map on the wall, and struck it with a pointer stick. Now, you might jump. Maybe even shudder. But Heather felt something different: a slight tingling sensation down her spine. Years later, she realized the feeling was called ASMR.

Today, there’s an entire ASMR subculture of online videos that trigger these feelings, to help people relax or even fall asleep. And Heather’s channel is one of the best. She tells us how she makes ASMR videos, the dark side of being a woman on YouTube, and even improvises an ASMR collaboration with Sam.


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Episode 1: "I write dinosaur (and monster) erotica.”

Alara Branwen’s author page on Amazon says that she’s a “typical college student by day, but by night she is a crafter of sexy, hot, sensuous, ‘monster’ fantasy erotic fiction.” The reality is Alara, and frequent co-writer Christie Sims, are the same person. In fact, they’re the same guy.

Turns out, most of your favorite dinosaur and monster erotica is written by men. In this episode, we talk about how Alara got into the business and why he pretends to be a woman online. 


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Trailer: "I host a podcast about people with weird jobs.”

Starting September 28, Weird Work fills your ear holes with stories from the creative and inspiring people who work some of the weirdest jobs out there. Hosted by Sam Balter.


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