Moving a blog from one content system to another can be a lot of work. But not for you!

HubSpot's new blog importer makes it easier than ever to bring your Wordpress blog over to the HubSpot COS.

Import Your Blog from Wordpress to HubSpot - HubSpot Loves Blogging

Step-by-step process for moving your blog from WordPress to HubSpotWhy would I want to move my WordPress blog to the HubSpot COS?

Your blog on HubSpot will offer you all the benefits that come from an all-in-one platform. You'll get detailed analytics for every article, keyword optimization within each blog post, better CTA measurement, Google+ integration, and of course, integration with the rest of your HubSpot marketing tools.

Sounds great! How can I get started?

Step 1: Read about the differences between the HubSpot COS and WordPress's CMS to help you pinpoint the differences between the two software platforms.

Step 2: After you make the decision to move your blog content from WordPress to HubSpot, follow the instructions on our step-by-step guide. (Note: Your analytics prior to migrating to HubSpot will live in your WordPress account.)

Step 3: Visit the WordPress Blog Importer Tool to check out the tool firsthand.

Step 4: Check out HubSpot's Design Resources to learn more about designing on HubSpot's COS. (Note: The WordPress blog importer tool does not import the design of your blog. Use these resources to build your design before or after you import your content.)

Step 5: Talk to your Account Manager about how you can re-design your blog on the COS.