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    Frequently Asked Questions about Zerys and other Content Marketplaces

    What Is A Content Marketplace?

    A content marketplace connects individuals that need content articles to writers that can meet those needs.  The marketplace takes out the agency middleman to help you get the lowest prices directly from professional writers and authors. 

    Why Do You Need A Content Marketplace?

    Ongoing content creation is the most import part of inbound marketing.  In order to be a successful inbound marketer and create a website that is a magnet for potential customers, you have to be constantly putting out new content. This helps you build authority with search engines and brings individuals to your site on an ongoing basis.  It isnt something you can do once and then leave alone.

    One of the biggest challenges companies have with this ongoing effort is the time it takes to constantly write fresh content.  This content marketplace will allow you to purchase new content for a very affordable price. It will also give you the opportunity to build out a team of freelance writers that you trust and forge long term relationships where you can send them requests for content as your needs arise.

    Tips to Remember when Using a Content Marketplace

    The first thing to know about the content marketplace is that you dont pay for the content until you approve it at the end of the process.  It is ok to request revisions from writers. However, remember that you will most likely want to take the content and make it your own by doing some edits yourself.  We believe it is important to think of this purchased content as a late-staged draft that still needs your final, unique touches.

    You should also keep in mind that the writers are regularly screened and ranked so the more you pay for the content the higher quality it will be. This doesnt mean that work bid at a lower price isnt picked up by high quality writers.  Some great writers might just be looking for more work. Also you shouldnt give up after purchasing just one article.  Start out by purchasing half a dozen articles to test a range of writers.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the majority of the content that you receive even if the first one isnt perfect. 

    It is also important to remember that a talented writer can write about any subject.  It is more important to be clear in your instructions (including your intended audience) than it is to find experts on specific subjects.  A lot of the time, members of your audience arent experts on the subject so finding a talented writer who can explain the concepts without a highly technical presentation can be really effective. 

    Finally, know that all content is put through an anti-plagiarism system called Copyscape.  This insures that you are buying unique content and not something else that has already been posted on the web.  Both you and the writers have access to this system, and they would never want to be caught with duplicate content in the first place. 

    Using the Zerys Content Project Management Platform

    Login to your client account.  This screen allows you to manage your existing projects, funds, writers in the network, account settings and support.  As a first time user, create a new project.  To create a new projects go to My Projects -> Create New Project

    This screen allows you to Give This Project a Name, usually be the category of blog articles that you will be purchasing.  Next you will Select Type of Content; choose Blog Posts for this.  Finally, Select a Content Category for the type of content that you would like written.  Once you have selected these three items, hit next.