HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation Certification

Join the exclusive group of partners certified in enterprise-level CRM deployments on HubSpot’s Sales Hub. You’ll collaborate with our sales and success teams to ensure the long-term success of our corporate customers on HubSpot.

About This Program

What does it mean to be a HubSpot certified advanced implementation partner?

HubSpot's Advanced Implementation Certifications are designed to validate the technical skills and strategic expertise required to deliver enterprise-level implementations and migrations.

To ensure the long-term success of our corporate customers on HubSpot, we are looking to partner with businesses who are able to lead and run large-scale implementations and migrations from start to finish.

By becoming certified, you’ll join an exclusive group of partners that work closely with our sales and service teams to successfully plan, communicate, and execute highly complex projects with HubSpot’s Sales Hub.

Which businesses are eligible for this program?

You should apply for this program if you:

  • Specialize in complex CRM implementation and deployment projects for companies with 500+ employees
  • Have an in-house team of front-end and back-end developers with experience building custom integrations
  • Have a dedicated pre-sales team, including an Account Executive and Solutions Architect or equivalent roles
  • Can support multiple concurrent projects and have done so in the past
  • Collaboration is crucial. We are looking for partners that are excited and willing to collaborate with our sales and success teams
  • Are comfortable and willing to adapt to HubSpot’s prescribed sales process

How do I apply for this program?

Applications for this program are currently closed. We will notify partners when we reopen applications.

What are the prerequisite certifications my firm must complete in order to apply?

Before you apply for the Advanced Implementation Certification, you and your team* must hold the minimum number of active certifications: 
In order to finalize your application, you will need to submit a video application. Please review these detailed guidelines for help with this step.
*Please note certifications will only count towards the total prerequisites for the Advanced Implementation Certification if they are tied to users with your partner approved email domain.

What happens once my application is accepted?

Partners who pass the video application stage will be given access to the Advanced Implementation Certification course in HubSpot Academy. Here, you will be given a case study for a fictitious 500+ employee company in need of a CRM deployment. As a part of your assessment, you will be required to submit a proposal and participate in a role-play.


Not sure if this advanced certification is for you? Hear from our first cohort of Advanced Certified Partners on the importance of credentialing and solving for the customer.