HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certification

Join the exclusive group of partners certified in enterprise-level integrations, implementations, and migrations. You’ll unlock access to HubSpot’s most sophisticated customers that need your onboarding expertise.

About This Program

What does it mean to be a HubSpot certified advanced implementation partner?

  • You’re fluent in deploying HubSpot Professional and/or Enterprise-level products across large organizations.
  • You have experience ripping out and replacing CRM systems.
  • You can advise on business process mapping and change management across large organizations.

You must pass our rigorous certification process. If you do, you’ll be matched with HubSpot customers based on their unique set of needs, technical requirements, budget, geographical preferences, and systems.

Note: There's a limited number of spots available for this program.

Program Rules and Benefits

By partnering with HubSpot, you’ll:

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    Unlock access to exclusive education and training
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    Be rotated a specific group of deals that HubSpot defines as “upmarket”
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    Differentiate yourself with a certification badge in HubSpot’s agency directory
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    Work 1x1 with your dedicated partner manager

To outsource advanced implementation onboarding to highly technical partners, we first need to verify these partners are ready and able to set customers up for long term success.

As a certified advanced implementation partner, you'll be required to:

  • Demonstrate your technical expertise: Several members of your team will need to pass the Sales Software (five members), Enterprise Implementation (three members) and the Advanced Implementation (three members, including two executives) certifications. You’ll also need to prove your work during the practical element. We’ll actually ride along with you on your first three deals during your trial period.
  • Delight our shared customers: We'll check in with customers to see how the implementation and onboarding process is going.

How It Works

There's a limited number of spots available for this program. If you're accepted, you'll work extremely close with our sales and service teams to solve for these mutual customers who have more complex needs.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Take and pass the Sales Software certification
  • Take and pass the Enterprise Implementation certification. This will unlock your ability to waive onboarding for your clients.

This is a prerequisite for partners. These two certifications confirm partners know how to:

  • Tactically navigate in HubSpot
  • Think about implementation and onboarding from a project management standpoint
  • Define a complete and successful implementation of the enterprise edition of HubSpot

Once you pass the required certifications noted above, you will move on to the Advanced Implementation Certification. You can get started by filling out the application below.

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How to Apply

Once you and your team have completed the prerequisite certifications, you will need to submit the form below to move on to the Advanced Implementation Certification.