HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certification

Join the exclusive group of partners certified in enterprise-level integrations, implementations, and migrations. You’ll unlock access to HubSpot’s most sophisticated customers that need your onboarding expertise.

About This Program

What does it mean to be a HubSpot certified advanced implementation partner?

  • You’re fluent in deploying HubSpot Professional and/or Enterprise-level products across large organizations.
  • You have experience ripping out and replacing CRM systems.
  • You can advise on business process mapping and change management across large organizations.

You must pass our rigorous certification process. If you do, you’ll be matched with HubSpot customers based on their unique set of needs, technical requirements, budget, geographical preferences, and systems.

Note: There's a limited number of spots available for this program.

Program Rules and Benefits

By partnering with HubSpot, you’ll:

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    Unlock access to exclusive education and training
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    Be rotated a specific group of deals that HubSpot defines as “upmarket”
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    Differentiate yourself with a certification badge in HubSpot’s agency directory
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    Work 1x1 with your dedicated partner manager

How It Works

We're looking for partners to implement our CRM and sales tools for larger, more complex teams, also known as upmarket customers. We anticipate this upmarket customer count to grow as the HubSpot platform continues to grow. That's where you come in. But before we loop in a partner, we need to verify that you're ready and able to set these customers up for long term success. Insert the Advanced Implementation Certification.

We have a limited number of spots available. Accepted partners will be eligible to receive referrals from HubSpot for customer implementation, integration and migration services. We'll lean on accepted partners to fulfill the needs that extend beyond the scope of HubSpot's professional services. This presents an exciting new revenue stream and sales pipeline for your business.


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How To Apply

The application process is currently closed. We will notify partners when we open it back up at INBOUND 2020. In the meantime, you can get started on the following required, pre-learnings.

In order to take the Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC) exam, your business must meet the following requirements: 

  • Five members of your team must have passed the Sales Software Certification.
  • Three members of your team must have passed the Sales Enterprise Implementation Certification.
  • Your team submitted and passed the Video Interview phase. Please review these detailed guidelines for help with this step.


Not sure if this advanced certification is for you? Hear from our first cohort of Advanced Certified Partners on the importance of credentialing and solving for the customer.