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HubSpot Ads Tool

Value Proposition

Align your ads with the rest of your marketing - HubSpot ads live directly alongside the rest of your marketing tools, making it easy to integrate your ads with the rest of your marketing strategy. 

Why Ads?

Ads are now an essential piece of any good inbound marketing campaign, and can be used at every stage of the buyer’s journey to provide your target audience with helpful, relevant content. With HubSpot Ads, you can

  • Create, Manage, and Report on Ads across networks - Don’t get bogged down in complex tools. HubSpot ads gives you one tool to run all your paid campaigns out of.
  • Automate your ads targeting - Automatically sync leads and audiences with HubSpot lists to create truly unique targeting opportunities.
  • Report on real advertising ROI - HubSpot's ads tool goes beyond traditional ad metrics like impressions, clicks, and cost-per-click to report on actual leads and ROI.
  • See exactly which contacts clicked your ads.
  • Get started right away - connect your accounts, apply your tracking pixels, and start syncing leads with just a few clicks. No developer or IT required.

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Built on top of a CRM
  • Other systems only integrate with them
  • This lets you get extremely targeted with your ads using granular customer data
  • Syncing of contacts happens automatically between the two systems - no need for manual sync
Built alongside all your marketing tools
  • Align your ads messaging with all your other marketing efforts -- creating a consistent narrative for your customers.
Built alongside sales tools
  • Attribute ads to deals won and report on true advertising ROI

Examples of Agency Services

  1. Setup and connect accounts (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  2. Install tracking pixels
  3. Setup attribution reporting
  1. Research audiences
  2. Craft content strategy
  3. Create retargeting audiences
  4. Build social media strategy
  5. Build paid search strategy
  6. Build integrated ad strategy
  1. Create lead ads
  2. Create paid search ads
  3. Build in lead automation workflows
  4. Launch campaigns and optimize
  5. Engage sales team on SLAs
Management & Maintenance
  1. Monitor and test CTAs/Landing pages/creative performance
  2. Campaign tracking/budgeting

How to Demo HubSpot Ads?

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How does the pricing work?

HubSpot Ads Tool is included in Marketing Hub. For more information about pricing, visit our pricing page.

Go-to-Market Strategy

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