How to Package & Sell:
HubSpot Integrations

Add more value to your clients and create a better customer experience by adding integrations into your agency retainers.

One Liner Value Proposition

Using integrations built on top of the HubSpot platform can help you differentiate your agency and build additional service offerings for your clients, ultimately helping you and your clients' businesses grow better together.

Why Integrations are Important:

  • Expand and differentiate your services: By embracing the hundreds of third-party software that integrate seamlessly with HubSpot, agency partners can build services to differentiate themselves from the competition and better serve customers. 
  • Generate net-new business by offering a more diverse set of services.
  • Improve client retention. There is a strong correlation between the number of integrations a customer has and their retention with HubSpot.

Quick-Link Resources

  • Agency Service Primers - for all partners to start learning about the services you can wrap around HubSpot Connect partners' software 
  • Connect Partner Directory - check out 220+ apps that integrate directly with HubSpot
  • Why HubSpot's Building a Centralized Platform - a Medium piece by Scott Brinker, our VP, Platform Ecosystem
  • Apps for Startups Program - for your clients still in the startup phase to get access to special discounts on Connect partner software
  • Using HubSpot's Zoom Integration [Academy Lesson]
  • How to use HubSpot's LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration [Academy Lesson]
  • [Martech Article] For Marketers, Platform Integration is a 'must have'

Getting Started with Integrations

  • Integrations are applications and services that seamlessly connect into a platform (such as HubSpot) to allow you and your customers to use various services all in one central place.

    This enables end-users to access data and functionality from independently designed applications on a single interface.

    A common application integration is PandaDoc, which allows you to create, send, eSign, and track quotes/proposals all without leaving HubSpot's CRM.

  • Visit the HubSpot integrations page and filter through categories that fit your agencies needs such as; ABM apps, webinar apps, video hosting and more. Browse over 300 apps to grow your clients business and create a better customer experience.

  • As an agency, you should not only encourage your clients to take advantage of software integrations, but you should offer solutions and services around them and help clients adopt a platform approach to doing business. It will save them time and money.

    The HubSpot platform has something to offer every customer.  This will mean different things for different customers. The important thing is to understand their core pain points and where an integration might be able to help.

    Maybe a customer is struggling with events and webinars. You can browse the webinar integrations we offer, such as Zoom and implement that for your customer to solve for their pain point.

Learn From Other Partners

nextiny ceo
HubSpot integrations allow us to partner with the leading technologies in the field to propel our capabilities and therefore, provide even more value for our customers over time.

Services to Offer

By learning about applications that integrate with HubSpot and how to price and package them, you'll be able to add more value to clients and grow retainers. Here are some categories of integrations and services you can offer with helpful information on getting started:

Going Further with Integrations

Did you know we have a categorized directory with over 220 integrated apps for you and your clients to leverage?