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Free Icon Maker

Replace your outdated logos and images with a new set of icons. HubSpot’s free icon generator lets you design custom icons for your website, app, and creative projects. Start your icon design and creation journey right now and explore what we have to offer.

What is an icon?

Icons are simple images representing a real thing (e.g., software, apps, websites). It’s a recognizable symbol to convey your brand’s ethos. 

For example, HubSpot’s icon is an orange ‘O’ with three lines pointing in three different directions. The symbol has been said to look like a sprocket, part of a circuit, or a cogwheel. The icon looks modern — and when people see it, they associate the symbol with a tech company.

You can use icons on your website, apps, or social media profiles. Whether that means incorporating social media icons on your website to redirect people to your brand’s social profiles or placing icons on your browser tab to identify your site when multiple browsers are open easily.

Create your own icons with HubSpot’s free website icon creator.

social media icons in different colors below the brand

Create icons without installing an icon creator tool

Impress visitors and increase clickthrough rates with a custom icon. HubSpot’s custom icon maker lets you design and download icons without installing design software. 

Simply open your browser and start creating free icons for your website and social media profiles.


Free icons increase brand awareness

As visual symbols, icons help users identify what they want or need. HubSpot’s website icon creator lets you instantly produce unique logos, icons, and vectors — even without design skills.

Take charge of your branding. Choose from thousands of customizable templates to create your own downloadable design.

icon selection screen with options for IT businesses

Export free SVG icons in minutes

No two icon image types are the same. Vector-based image files like SVG expand to any size without losing their resolution, while raster (or pixel-based) files like PNG become pixelated when expanded.

HubSpot’s free online icon maker icon supports various image file types. Choose the perfect icon sizes for your website and social media, and download the desired file format to get your designs instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • You can use different software to create an icon yourself. While some software is more complicated than others, HubSpot’s custom icon maker is easy to use and helps you create new icon sets in minutes.

    Choose from thousands of templates and customize your logo’s color, size, and fonts on the icon editor. When you're done, download your unique icon in JPG, WebP, SVG, and PNG formats.

  • A website icon is called a favicon. You can add one to your site by saving the icon image file to your website directory. 

    Favicons come in the ICO format, but most websites use the PNG format because it’s more widely accepted and has a smaller file size.

    Content management systems like the HubSpot CMS also let you add website icons without HTML coding.

  • A good icon is simple, unique, and memorable. Website or app logos should be on-brand, while general icons like those used for social media profiles should be identifiable.

    The images should be visible, have a high resolution, and be available in different file formats. 

    If you don't have a brand logo design, HubSpot’s brand kit generator can help you create one. Simply input your business’s industry, name, and slogan to get personalized logo recommendations.

    You can then seamlessly integrate your brand kit assets into HubSpot’s CMS.


  • Yes, you can immediately download your icons after creating them using HubSpot’s website icon creator.

  • When making a favicon, keep these tips in mind:

    • Make your favicons recognizable. They come in small sizes, so they must be easily identifiable and high-quality.
    • Consider the color scheme. Using colors with enough contrast helps with accessibility.
    • Take a minimalist approach. Keep your design simple. If using text, keep it to a few characters. The goal is to make your favicon stand out, but not in a way that distracts users.