Marketing Automation Software

Personalize Your Customer Experience With Less Manual Work

Marketing automation in HubSpot allows you to break through the noise with compelling marketing campaigns, powered by real-time customer data.

Save time. Align marketing and sales. Nurture relationships better.
Start at $45/month for premium features.

Save time on nurturing leads into loyal customers.

  • Leverage the full breadth of HubSpot’s email marketing platform to simultaneously grow and replenish your database
  • Build professional-looking emails — no coding needed
  • Then choose the trigger and actions you want so that the right emails are sent to the right leads at the right time

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Easily visualize, customize, and personalize your workflows.

Create workflows without the headache, and give every contact in your database the attention they deserve.

  • Envision workflows in real time with the visual editor 
  • Customize workflows by building off of pre-configured workflows or starting from scratch with a blank template 
  • Personalize your emails using specific details from your contacts database or CRM

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Automate routine tasks and focus on scaling your business.

You can create many different types of workflows to fit your business needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Follow-up with a custom email drip campaign
  • Segment your contacts into specific marketing lists
  • Create tasks for your marketing and sales team for timely follow-ups

Get started free with HubSpot Marketing Hub

See why 167,000+ customers use HubSpot to streamline their marketing and sales processes.

Give your marketing a personal touch, without the personal time.

Engage and convert customers faster while putting time back in your day by personalizing and segmenting your marketing and automating routine tasks.

*Please refer to our Product and Services Catalog to see current features available for free, with additional functionality in paid editions of Marketing Hub.