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What is Nonprofit Advantage?


HubSpot's newest product is available exclusively for qualified Nonprofits 
HubSpot Advantage includes both software and service to ensure your success, and is offered at a Nonprofit friendly cost.

We'll do all the work for you
Following Inbound Marketing best practices, our experts create monthly campaigns for your organization, helping you grow your donations exponentially while you focus on everything else on your plate.

Relax, and let HubSpot do the lifting for you. You're in good hands. 

What's included?

Full use of HubSpot software (Basic Level)

We'll do the Inbound Marketing work for you with up to one (1) Inbound Campaign per month. Our Content & Campaign Creation Team (specialized in Nonprofit) will use subject matter specific to your organization to create your Campaigns. We follow HubSpot's Nonprofit Inbound Methodology to grow your traffic, contacts and engagement:


Each month's Inbound Campaign will include one of the following:

  • Blog campaign (up to 4 highly optimized blog posts + social posts)
  • New offer campaign (eBook, landing page, thank you page, call to action)
  • Email campaign (Email to promote offers + blogs)

What kind of support will I have?

What does Advantage cost?



Paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

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With your monthly subscription, you will recieve: 

  • Full use of HubSpot software (Basic Level)
  • One (1) Inbound Campaign per month (subject matter specific to your organization).  Inbound Campaign types may include:
    • Blog campaign (2 blog posts + social posts)
    • New offer campaign (Ebook, landing page, thank you page, call to action button)
    • Email campaign (Email to promote offers + blogs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am ready to get started with my first month of HubSpot's Nonprofit Advantage. How do I start?
A: Just click the "Talk to the Advantage Team" button on this page, and fill out the short form to start the process. The Advantage team will get you started today.

Q: Are there any limits on my subscription?
A: With HubSpot's Nonprofit Advantage you can store up to 100 contacts at a time, and send up to 1,000 emails per month. 

Q: What if I want or need to exceed those limits? 
A: Your Account Manager can upgrade you to the next tier, which is 1,000 contacts per month. The upgrade charges will be an additional $100 per month per 1,000 extra contacts. That said, you will never be required to upgrade as long as you stay within the entry level. 

Q: Are there any separate email fees or other hidden fees? 
A: No. There are no hidden fees.

Q: How can I cancel? 
A: Contact your Account Manager or 888-HUBSPOT.

Q: What kind of support will I have?
A: In addition to your Account Manager, you will have unlimited access to HubSpot support at 888-HUBSPOT. You may also submit a help ticket online to recieve personalized support anytime.

Q: I know that HubSpot will be doing the Inbound Marketing work for me, but I would still like to learn how. Is there a way for me to get educated?
A: Yes- you will have full access to HubSpot Inbound Academy classes, forums and tutorials

Q: What exactly is an "Inbound Campaign"? How will "Inbound Campaigns" help me?
A: Visit our Campaigns page to see how it all adds up. With the Nonprofit Advantage Product, we create the Campaigns for you. Inbound Campaigns include content + offers + landing pages to convert your visitors + email + anaytics. Campaigns should be happening all the time to continuiously bring more traffic, contacts and donations through your website. 

Q: I need to get approval from my board before signing up. Do you have any documents I can provide?
A: Yes. Please download our Board Approval Letter here.

Q: I am on the board for a Nonprofit that could benefit from this product, and I'd like to buy HubSpot for them. Can I sign up on their behalf?
A: Yes, absolutely. We welcome board members and/ or supporters of Nonprofits to subsidize a subscription. You can sign up using your personal credit card by requesting to be contacted with the button above.

Q: Will I be able to change the credit card on my account in the future?
A: Yes. You can reach out ot your Account Manager to adjust the credit card on file for your account.

Q: Will it be easy to upgrade to one of your other product levels in the future?
A: Yes- we make it easy to switch products anytime with the help of your Account Manager. You can find out more about our Professional or Enterprise products here

Q: What kinds of results can I expect to see with HubSpot?
A: Overall, HubSpot users experience an average 2.7x traffic increase in the first year, and a contacts database increase of 30.4x. You can find a copy of our ROI Report here

Q: Who can I contact about the HubSpot Nonprofit Advantage Product if I have more questions?
A: Reach out anytime to Brooke Freedman, Director of the Advantage Program at


 Talk to the Advantage Team to Get Started!