Onboarding Foundations

Choose your own onboarding path with a series of live workshops that teach you how to get the most out of different HubSpot tools.

Why Onboarding Foundations?

You have objectives, we have options.

As an experienced team with a strategy in place, you can bypass the topics you don't need and focus on the ones you do with the modular format of Onboarding Foundations.  

So if you're ready, we'll help you get set. Then, all that's left to do is go. 


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Flexible & accountable

Set—but frequent—dates hold your team accountable while still giving you the flexibility to choose what works best over the course of 90 days.
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A live, interactive workshop allows you to learn and check items off your list so that you can get up and running in HubSpot. 



A modular format streamlines the onboarding process by empowering your team to get exposure to the tools most relevant to their roles. 

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With your team onboarded in the topics that matter to them, you scale knowledge and usage of HubSpot from the very beginning.

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Onboarding Foundations: Workshops Overview

Choose your own onboarding path with a series of live workshops that teach you how to get the most out of different HubSpot tools.
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Getting Started

Getting Started & CRM Setup with white space

Setup & CRM

- Account setup
- Account defaults
- Email connection
- Data migration
- Integrations
- CRM structure

Sales Hub

Sales Rep Productivity Tools with white space

Sales Rep Productivity

- Meeting links
- Snippets
- Templates
- Sequences
- Documents
- Tasks

Pipeline Management and Automation with white space

Pipeline Management & Automation

- Pipeline automation
- Deal automation
- Sequences
- Workflows

Reporting on Sales performance with white space

Sales Reporting

- Types of sales reports
- Forecasting tools
- Common reports
- Dashboards

Marketing Hub

Content Marketing & Capturing Leads with white space

Content Marketing & Lead Capture

- Domains and landing pages
- Capturing data via forms
- Custom properties

Segmentation & Marketing Emails with white space

Segmentation & Marketing Emails

- Types of lists
- List filters
- Building an audience for emails
- Sending emails to lists

Lead Development & Nurturing with white space

Lead Nurturing & Lead Development

- Defining a lead nurture process
- Audience segmentation
- Nurturing automation

Reports & Analytics for Markters with white space

Marketing Reporting & Analytics

- Types of reports
- Dashboards
- Custom reports
- Tracking web traffic

Service Hub

Customer Service Channels and Ticket Management with white space

Customer Service Channels & Ticket Management

- Tickets, ticket pipeline and automation
- Support channels including shared inbox, live chat, chatbots, forms, and calling

Create a Sales to Service Handoff Process

Create a Sales to Service Handoff Process

- Building on Momentum Driven from Sales
- Cultivating an Onboarding Pipeline
- Turning Customers into Promoters

Setting Up a Customer Success Workspace

Setting Up a Customer Success Workspace

- The Customer Success Workspace
- HubSpot Customer Health Scoring
- CS productivity tools

Workshop Schedule

You're welcome to attend in any timezone, no matter where you're located. Check out the schedules below to find the best time that works for you.

COF NAM Q2 2024


COF EMEA Q2 2024


APAC Q2 2024 (1)



What's included in one learner license of Onboarding Foundations?

You'll have 90 days of unlimited access to onboarding workshops specific to:

  • Learning the tools and best practices for Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub (Professional)
  • Workshops guided live by HubSpot experts who answer questions in real-time
  • Recordings of the workshops you have attended


Cost for two licenses Each Additional License
List Price - United States

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List Price - Singapore

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Pricing applies to new customers only. Existing customers pay per license, please contact training@hubspot.com for more information.
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Your 90-day access begins on the date of purchase. For more information, visit our Product and Services Catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Yes, you can sign up for a workshop at any time within the 90 days of your access. 

Reach out to your Sales Rep or Customer Success Manager.

You will get an email prompting you to create a username and password. These login credentials will allow you access to the library where you can sign up for a variety of different workshops. You will have access to this workshop for 90 days.

If the user who was assigned the original license never used it (never logged in to the library / never registered for any workshops), then you may transfer it.  As soon as you register for a workshop (regardless of attendance), you no longer qualify for a license transfer.

No, but if you attend 1-2 workshops a week, you'll finish before the 90 days expire!

Yes.  You will find recordings of the workshops you have attended on the registration page of that workshop for the duration of your license. These can be seen only for the workshops you have attended.

After attending live, and even after your license expires, you will still be able to access all the additional resources such as webpages and PDFs shared before, during, and after each workshop. However, once your license expires, you will not be able to access recordings.

No. Licenses must be bought together to receive the discount. Discounts are only available to new customers.